Lionel Messi gets hands-on with the Note 3 and Gear Smartwatch

Note3 gear

Whenever you have had occasion to think about soccer’s Lionel Messi, I would bet that you have associated him with winning the FIFA Ballon d’Or a record breaking 4 times whilst wearing a polka-dotted suit and bow-tie, perhaps one of the many hat-tricks he has scored for the Spanish club, Barcelona; or even his troubles with the Spanish tax system. Never would you have associated him with Samsung, and more specifically the Note 3 and Gear Smartwatch. Samsung would like to change that with the release of their latest video called ‘The Developer’, which showcases the Note 3 and Gear Smartwatch.

In the short musical video, ‘The Developer’, the diminutive Argentine Lionel Messi is seen getting out of a car in a rough neighbourhood to wander around with a Note 3 in one hand, S-Pen stylus in the other –  jotting down ideas, making use of the various Note 3 features; which include the Air Command function, Action Memo, Pen Window, Scrapbook and hands-free call capability on the Gear Smartwatch; planning a beautiful new pitch to be built in a run-down part of town. Needless to say he is watched  by awe-struck under privileged children along the route he walks, while they sing Lorde’s hit song ,”Royals”. The video ends with Lionel Messi standing on the newly laid soccer pitch, throwing a soccer ball to the children who are advancing towards him on the field.

‘The Developer’ is apparently a dramatisation of the various projects that have been completed by the Messi Foundation over the years. The video is directed by Adam Hashemi and is a prime example of Samsung’s huge marketing budget, boasting high production, following on from Samsung’s previous short video advertising the Note 3 and Gear Smartwatch combination called “Dreams“.

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