Some LG Google TV Models Getting Update to Android 4.2.2


If there's one thing we know from being in this business, it's that manufacturers don't usually make the deadlines they set for pushing out updates. Back in May, just after Google I/O's opening keynote, we were told that Google TV would get updated to Android 4.2.2 in Q3. Well it's not Q4, and some LG TV's are getting their update to Android 4.2.2, and finally getting off of Honeycomb. It's about time too.

According to Android Police, some things are lost in the transition. Updated Google TV's will have better mobile app compatibility thanks to Android NDK support. The Chrome browser has changed from the PC to the Android version, which pretty much means no flash support. There's also no Crackle, Hulu, or watchESPN. There's also the new Vudu application.


Overall, it appears that the update isn't all that big, at least for general consumers. Some of the menus may be switched around, but I wouldn't expect a huge difference. Hopefully we'll see some big performance improvements to Google TV with this update. The update has already been spotted on some of the GA6400 models, it should be rolling out to more soon (probably a staggered rollout so their servers don't crash). This includes the G3 series, which should get the update before the end of the month. Which we'll see if that actually happens or not.


The changelog is pretty small, according to the image above:

  • Improved mobile app compatibility thru Android NDK support
  • New Vudu application
  • Chrome browser changed form PC to Android version
  • No Adobe Flash plug-in support in Chrome
  • Deleted Crackle and Plex app from the premium card and all apps.

Maybe this means that the Android TV thing is true? Since the Chrome app is now the mobile one. It'll be interesting to see what happens, especially since the KitKat update is rumored to be all about TVs.

How many of our readers are using LG Google TVs? Let us know in the comments below if you've gotten the update yet.