LG G Flex Smartphone Showed off in Leaked Images

gflex4 verge super wide

Samsung has already announced their Galaxy Round, which is their “first” smartphone with a curved display. So far it’s only going to be available in South Korea and will cost around $1,000 USD. Its pretty much just a Galaxy Note 3 without a S Pen and a curved display. Now LG is slated to announce their curved display phone pretty soon which will be based off of the LG G2, but be a bit bigger. Instead of being curved from left to right, it’ll be curved from top to bottom like the Galaxy Nexus was. For some reason everyone forgets that the Galaxy Nexus had a curved display. The LG G Flex is supposedly going to be much more curved than the Galaxy Round was.


The LG G Flex is a 6-inch phone with the same rear-facing buttons like the LG G2. The Verge was able to get an exclusive on the images which you see throughout this post. The camera is said to be a 13MP camera as well and the display will be an OLED. Which is going to look pretty nice.


So far the LG G Flex has not been announced by LG, but I expect it to be announced pretty soon. I also expect it to be a bit overpriced. This is a new technology, well pretty new. And with new technology you definitely pay the premium. Hence, the Galaxy Round costing over $1,000 right now and only in South Korea.


The LG G Flex definitely looks like the Samsung Galaxy Nexus had a baby with the LG G2. Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing as long as the G Flex has the good of each device into one. Check out the images in this post and let us know what you think in the comments below.