Has HTC's One Max Already Been Through the FCC?


It seems that HTC's One Family is about to be completed. Or at least, after months of leaks concerning the One Max, we'd certainly think so. Whether or not HTC have the common sense to launch the device in the next month or so is unclear but, it looks like a launch can't be too far away. As PhoneArena has spotted, it appears the One Max has already been through the FCC and we're just waiting for them to pull the trigger and officially announce the large-screened device.

Identifying itself as the "T6UL", there's little the FCC report tells us about this HTC device however, the clue may well be in that identifier. Astute readers will remember that the One Max leaked out quite some time ago as the "T6", thanks to the infamous @evleaks. The FCC report doesn't list anything too interesting, aside from all the usual sort of information you'd expect to see pass through the FCC.



So, while it seems unreasonable to think that "T6UL_Generic_WWE" means that this is the HTC One Max going through the FCC, the fact that HTC filed for confidentiality concerning the look and marketing of the device makes us think twice. After all, the One Max has leaked out so many times already this year, HTC will surely want to prevent one more drop falling into the ocean.

The FCC database lists 09/23 as the date this mystery HTC device passed through their halls, which wasn't that long ago. Suggesting that HTC now has all the pieces it needs in place to release the One Max. With the Galaxy Note 3 and the Xperia Z1 already on shelves, HTC will want to accelerate their launch on the One Max if they hope to generate Holiday buzz and boost their 2013 sales before we tick into 2014. We'd like to hear from you guys on this – is it too late for the One Max? Is it a device that you have any interest in? Let us know down in the comments!

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