HTC To Update One with Android 4.4 in 90 Days, Google Play Edition within 15 Days

October 31, 2013 - Written By Alexander Maxham

Is HTC crazy? I’m thinking that HTC heard many of you saying “HTC never updates their devices”. Because they got Android 4.3 out to their HTC One in record time, in fact they beat Samsung who just started rolling out Android 4.3 in the past couple of days to the Galaxy S4.

Today, Google announced Android 4.4 – KitKat. So as usual, everyone starts asking “when is (insert device name here) getting updated to KitKat?” Well today, HTC America President, Jason Mackenzie (who has been very open about updates lately) posted that HTC would push out Android 4.4 – KitKat to their Google Play Edition HTC One within 15 days and the Sense 5 version within 90 days. While 90 days seems like a long time, and while it actually is about 3 months. That’s still pretty fast for a rather large update. Considering how long it took them to update phones like the One X, Sensation 4G, Thunderbolt, etc, 90 days is definitely an improvement.

But Mackenzie broke this down even further. Unlocked and developer editions of the HTC One will be getting their update within 30 days. While all the North American variants will get it within 90 days due to carrier certification. Now if the Verizon HTC One gets Android 4.4 within 3 months (by March 3rd) I’d be amazed. I really would. We all know how long Verizon takes, and that they are always last.

In the meantime, HTC is working on a rollout plan for other devices including the One Max and One Mini which Mackenzie says will get Andorid 4.4. He also assures us that the company will have a statement concerning other phone sin the near future. He also said that HTC is committed to rolling out quick and rapid updates “we’re not going to rollout updates in a lazy fashion.” That’s definitely something we all like to hear. Rolling out updates this quick should definitely help out HTC, and possibly sell devices even quicker.

Your move Samsung!