HTC One Max Leaks Out in Crystal Clear Images, Shows Its Still a Huge Phone

HTC One Max Screen Protector Image 13

It seems that everyone is trying to jump into the phablet game this year. Since Samsung made the phablet market relevant in 2011, they have really been the only OEM successful with making larger phones. Although this year they got some competition. LG announced the Optimus G Pro which is a 5.5-inch device, Sony announced the Xperia Z Ultra which is a 6.44-inch device, Huawei announced the Ascend Mate which is a 6.1-inch device and HTC is expected to announce the One Max very soon which is a 5.9-inch device, but it will be more like the size of the Xperia Z Ultra or Galaxy Mega 6.3 since it has the Boomsound speakers on the front.



These new images of the HTC One Max were provided by a Taiwanese accessories retailers. The device wasn’t turned on so it was hard to tell whether this was the real thing or just a dummy device that most retailers put on display. But one thing is pretty much confirmed, it looks like we’ve got a fingerprint reader on the back. On the back there are also three lights or maybe buttons. I’m going to guess that they are lights and hoping its some kind of battery indicator. It would be cool to see how much battery you have left without turning on the display. What else is interesting is the removal of the Beats Audio logo. Now Beats have said that they would be on HTC’s next flagship that would be released this year. So I’m sure the software is there. But interesting to see the logo gone.




Otherwise the design looks more like the One Mini than the One. Since the One Mini has the plastic (I think its polycarbonate) on the sides, instead of metal like the HTC One. It still like a really nice device. Although I’d rather see one in black, looks much better than the white/silver in my opinion.




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