Google's Chromecast Dethrones The Kindle Paperwhite As Best Selling Electronics Device On Amazon


Google is getting used to taking top spots on different places all over the tech industry. First, they started with search and ads where they’re definitively king over everyone else. Then Android became the number one smartphone operating system jumping on top of iOS and leaving Blackberry and Windows Phone way behind. Following the smartphone market, Android recently became king of the tablets shipping over half of the global tablets. As if that wasn’t enough, Google has the best-selling sub-$300 laptop on Amazon with the Samsung Chromebook, which has remained on the top spot ever since it came out and guess who’s number 2? Yep, the newly announced HP Chromebook 11, it’s not even a week old and it’s already there about to dethrone Samsung’s offering.

So, after all of this, what’s left? plenty actually, but one of the most interesting places is Amazon’s best-selling electronics device which includes all sort of devices meaning the competition is even bigger. That spot was always taken by Amazon itself with either the Kindle Paperwhite or the Kindle Fire. As you might have guessed by now, Google just took that spot at the top of the best selling electronics devices with the Chromecast.

The $35 streaming device has received nothing but good reviews everywhere and it’s been selling out everywhere. It’s not the devices with the most compatible services, but the few things it does, it does them great and with Netflix, Hulu and Youtube on board, all your video playing needs are covered.

There’s been no word on how many devices have been sold but considering it’s number one on Amazon on top of two Kindles and it’s also available in Google Play and Best Buy so I’m gonna go ahead and guess that they sold a lot of them.

On thing that might have had something to do with this newly acquired position is the fact that a small glitch on Amazon allowed customers from outside the US to order one and while that has been fixed and it’s no longer possible to order one, I’m sure a lot of people did.

For now the Chromecast has no competition, there’s no devices that does the same as the Chromecast so good and so cheap, but I guess that will change soon now that companies are seeing the success of the device. Obviously the folks Google know what they’re doing and I can’t wait to see the next round of devices coming out of Mountain View like the Nexus 5, the new Nexus 10 and the other rumored devices.

You want one?

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