Official Google Glass App Store on the Way

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It looks like Glass is about to get it’s own app store pretty soon. We’ve seen a lot of content on Glass lately and how it’s getting ready for public release in 2014. There’s now a new Google+ post by Glass Developer Advocate Timothy Jordan:

As of today, you can submit your Glassware for review. Completing the Glassware review process will make your Glassware eligible to show on MyGlass and eligible to receive quota beyond the testing limit.

Basically, third-party Glass apps are known as “Glassware” and have been around since Glass first made its way into Explorers hands. Google’s total lack of an app discovery system means that finding Glassware for your Glass has been pretty difficult to find. Glass has launched with a very smooth pool of official apps. Glass has also added a few more since. The MyGlass interface, is like a control center for Google Glass as well as its own app store, remained pretty barren. There are official apps like Google+, Twitter, the New York Times and others like Path as well. But currently, unofficial non-partner apps have to be hunted down manually through other means.

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If you’re a Glass developer, it’s time to get your Glassware ready. There’s a new form called “Glass Mirror API Review Request” which you can submit apps for Glass through. Here are some of the guidelines:

To receive additional Mirror API quota and to appear on MyGlass, you first need to go through the Glassware Review Process. The process examines aspects of design, usability, privacy, and security to ensure the quality of Glassware and the safety of our users.

So it looks like we’re going to see an official App Store for Glass very soon. Which is going to be awesome. It’s going to be exciting to see what other apps we’ll see on Glass when it does launch to the public next year.