Google Donates 17,000 Nexus 7 Tablets to Those Affected by Superstorm Sandy


While Superstorm Sandy was over a year ago, many of the areas affected by the disaster still haven't completely recovered. In a press release published by New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, it was revealed that Google has donated 17,000 Nexus 7 devices to the areas hit most by the storm. That's about $2.7 million worth of Nexus tablets.

These tablets won't be going to individuals, but rather places like libraries and small business. In libraries, users will be able to use the tablets for job training, learning English, and of course, reading. On the other hand, small businesses will use the tablets on-site to integrate technology into their everyday operations.


Additionally, tablets will be given to senior citizens who otherwise, would have very limited communication with others. They will be used to engage seniors with technology through means like video chatting with friends and family whom they may not get to see often. The tablets are also being welcomed into community centers, where they will be used to help inspire teens into technology-based jobs.

Governor Cuomo commented, "It has been almost a year since New York went through the worst natural disaster in our history but for many of our state's residents who are still building back the generosity of companies like Google can make a huge difference". He goes on to say how critical it is that individuals and corporations make private donations to ensure a smooth recovery.

Susan Molinari, Vice President for Government Relations at Google said, "We believe that technology can and does play a compelling role in rebuilding communities to make them more resilient and stronger. Increasingly, more and more people are using technology and the internet to educate themselves or provide for their families. Our hope is that these tablets will be a resource to do just that." This just goes to show how much this technology can really affect our lives.


It may seem a bit odd that Google is only now making a donation of this caliber. Even though it has been over a year since the disaster, most of the public services such as libraries and community centers are only now reopening. Additionally, they have significantly less resources than they had before the storm, making Google's donation perfectly timed.

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