Go Big or Go Home: Fox News Implements 55-Inch Tablets In Their Newsroom



Fox News is known for their Conservative view on news and politics. They are the forerunner in Conservative media and have always succeeded in getting their voices heard. Well, it seems they're also making sure their voices are "seen." Like' em or hate' em, there's something to be said for this implementation made by Fox news. Their Newsroom tablets (can you call these behemoths 'tablets'?) are most likely larger than the TV on which you see them. Making sure to adapt to the ever-growing technology market, they have expanded, in the most literal sense, their display and information capabilities. While this is not necessarily regarding Android, it's a technological step that will draw attention.


These 'walls of screen' will be running Windows 8 and will add to Fox News' "Twitter Wall." It is believed that these will assist with getting the news out sooner in regards to "breaking news" which must be accessible at a moment's notice. The reason is their primary purpose: they plan to implement more in terms of social media and often use it as source material. With this option, they can more quickly access and display the information.


The appearance of the technology behind Shephard Smith looks more like a futuristic NASA than a Newsroom, including a 38-foot remote-manipulated video wall; and it will all be visible on the air to the viewer. These "Big Area Touchscreens" or "BATs" (as coined by Smith) will be manned by the actual Fox reporting team as news comes in and as they sift through their sources. What usually happens behind the scenes will be happening live on air. It is noted, however, that anything posted to the public will be vetted prior to transmitting it.


The main goal for this technological upgrade is to help appeal to those who view their news in a less traditional sense. They are looking to draw in what some might refer to as the "younger viewer" – those who primarily use their mobile devices to get their news. It was also alluded to that the newsroom will also serve as a sort of headquarters for fact-checking their social media sources; from what I can tell, primarily Twitter.

So what do you think? Useful technology or absurd gimmick and unnecessary expense? Do you think it will help them get news faster to the viewer? Comment below and let us know how you see this action taken by Fox News. Meanwhile, I will be measuring my living room wall to fit a 55-inch tablet.

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