Glass Update XE10 Adds Public Transit Directions, Tap-To-Select Links and Much More


The latest monthly update for Google Glass just began pushing out. This one is XE10. Our very own Glass Explorer, Keith, is downloading the update as we speak and playing around with the update to see what else is new. Overall the update looks to be rather small and minor. But it does add a few new features to Glass that are in a few thousand hands right now. The additions include public transit directions and tap-to-select links in notifications.


Basically, when you get directions and select Transit, you’ll be able to have access to a bunch of helpful information, like where to switch trains, how far you’ll be walking to the next bus stop and how long it should take to get to your destination. Which you can already do on Google Maps on the desktop and on your phone. So it’s nice to see this coming to Google Glass. I think it would be a lot nicer to use on Glass than on a phone.


The transit option seems to only be available to Glass Explorers who have paired their device with their Android phone. Which means iPhone users are out of luck (let’s take a moment to laugh at them). We assume that Google will add support for iOS users soon, like they’ve done with Gmail, YouTube and other apps.


There’s also the ability to tap-to-select links in notifications, which was a very much requested feature and it’s now available with this latest update. You’ll be able to find more updates in the MyGlass Explorers Community. The full post from the Google Glass page on Google+ is shown down below for you to check out.



Google Glass is really getting some nice features that’s making me want it more than a smartwatch. I think Glass is truly the future for wearables, and apparently Samsung feels the same way since they are working on their own Glass.