Get Online With Even the Slowest Data Connection Thanks to Be-Bound


Imagine you are travelling in a remote part of the country and you need to send an email or just send a tweet. But you can't, because you have no access to WiFi, 4G/3G or even Edge signals. There's no other choice is there? You have to wait until you reach an area where you can connect to one of the aforementioned networks, right?

Not according to Albert Szulman, CEO of Be-Bound who has announced that:


"We started with a simple observation: everybody has faced connection issues, even in covered areas like trains, subways, indoor buildings or any other areas
with poor or limited connectivity, Be-Bound have developed an app that takes advantage of innovative cloud technology, using very low-bandwidth that delivers the best user experience even with low connection."

When there is no access to WiFi, Edge or 3G networks, Be-Bound uses the 2G network (the 'g' symbol on the status bar) as a transport layer to exchange information between the web and your smartphone, thus increasing the internet coverage. In layman's terms, it means that even when you have poor or even no data connectivity, users can still access the internet via text messages – sending/receiving emails, accessing Twitter, the news as well as conducting Web searches.

This is all done via the Be-Bound application, which means there is no need for any infrastructure investment, and the app theoretically works with any telecoms carrier worldwide. The free Be-Bound app for Android includes the following built-in applications:


Be-Bound also have the following built-in applications in the works: Be-Flight, Be-News, Be-Path and Be-Search. When you first install the application, there is a short tutorial on how to get started.

Naturally there is a cost somewhere down the line, with Be-Bounds services requiring payment for accessing the internet when there is no data network available. This is via prepaid messaging credits (Be-Miles). Be-Bound are kind enough to start you off with a limited amount of free credits, after those are gone you  will be able to choose to up with one of the following  3 packs:

  • 110 Be-Miles=$4.25
  • 190 Be-Miles=$7.08
  • 390 Be-Miles=$14.15

Just as an example regarding just what you can do with your Be-Miles, Be-Bound state that consulting the weather or stock service will cost 1 Be-Mile but reading an email may cost several Be-Miles, depending on the size of the email. Of course, when you do have access to data via WiFi, 3G/4G or Edge, the service is free, and allows users to extend their data plan by reducing the data consumption; with Be-Bound saying that their services are faster than traditional smartphone apps.


I can imagine the Be-Bound application coming in useful if travelling in remote places or just traipsing round in the sticks with poor to non-existent data connection; but generally, when I travel to far-off places, I tend to buy a local Sim card in order to save on roaming costs; though this may not be the best solution for everyone.

Do you plan on installing Be-Bound? How do you usually get around the problem of poor signal or roaming charges? Let us know in the usual way via the comments or our Google Plus page