Forget that Business Degree, App Developers is Where the Jobs are Plentiful


When I was a kid, every parent wanted his or her kids to become a doctor, lawyer, engineer, or accountant. I wanted to be a photojournalist, and my Mother (God rest her soul) would say, "You can't make any money doing that;" so I went into Business and Accounting – and look what I am doing today – she was right about the money part, but I was miserable before and oh so happy now! Later on, everybody wanted to work with computers, and today, most kids want to be a gaming developer or write apps for mobile devices – their Moms' are probably saying the same to thing to them my Mother told me 40 years ago – don't do it!

Well kids, tell your parents not to worry, because according to a new report this week from CyberCoders – a recruiting company founded in 1999 with 200 recruiters that match technical people to the right job – says both iOS and Android developers are needed and the pay, as you can see below, is quite attractive. This information was compiled from 2011 until 2013, allowing them to give us the most recent figures and predictions available.


CyberCodes analyzed more than 10,000 tech companies to see what salary they were paying for these positions, as well as how many candidates the firms were hiring to determine average salary ranges and rates of hire. In all areas the numbers increased from 2012 to 2013 and founder and CEO of CyberCodes, Heidi Golledge, said:

It is a very interesting and dynamic hiring climate for mobile developers. Although Android's latest numbers put them at about a 53 percent market share, we have seen a much greater increase in hiring for iOS developers.

Android iOS Salaries


Their study and findings are very interesting in showing us that there is a difference between iOS and Android positions in the same industry:

  • While BOTH developers make about the same salary, an Android senior or lead developer makes about $10,000 more a year than their iOS counterpart does.
  • Companies are hiring more iOS developers than Android developers, even though Android has about a 53-percent of the market share.
  • The applicant pool for Android developers is smaller than it is for iOS developers, causing the higher salaries for the senior/lead Android positions.
  • Senior level hires in BOTH iOS and Android, along with information based on their current data, CyberCoders predicts a 200-percent increase in hiring for 2014 – this is great news for the junior level developers looking to move up.

So tell Mom and Dad not to fret.  After they finish paying for your entire education, you'll still live with them, but at least you can make some decent money while sponging off them!  Let us know in the comments or Google+ if you are headed in the App Developer direction.