Featured: Top 10 Best Android Apps for Runners – 10/6/13

Top 10 Best Android Runner Apps Android Headlines

A lot of us take a morning run before going to work or just starting our day. Wouldn’t be pretty awesome to have an app that times how long you run, measures how far you’ve run and how many calories you’ve burned with it? Well thanks to smartphones and apps, that’s now possible. In fact there are many apps on the Play Store that can do that, which is great. We’ve got ten great apps here for runners to check out.

10. Endomundo Sports Tracker


Endomundo tracks more than just running. It can track cycling, walking and other distance-based activities as well. There are over 18 million people already using Endomundo, so why not be one of them? There is a paid version of Endomundo as well as a free one. The free one includes features like tracking any outdoor sport including duration, distance, speed, and calories. Enter a workout manually and much more.



9. Couch-to-5k


This one is an app that will help you train to be a good runner. It even has a few trainers for you to choose from to get you motivated. You can edit and log your workouts, as well as prepare for a 5k run. So get off that couch and get ready to run a 5k. They have training plans designed by active trainers and you can choose from 5 different motivating virtual coaches. Which include Constance, Billie, Sergeant Block, Johnny Dead, and Pumpkin.



8. Adidas miCoach


With Adidias miCoach you can turn your phone into a personal coach. As miCoach uses GPS and real time voice coaching in your ear to pace you through easy to understand workout zones. So you can do much more than just running. It also all syncs back to the miCoach.com website so you can see a detailed analysis of all your workouts.



7. JogTracker


This is probably the easiest app out there. And for some people, all they want to do is track their jog. They don’t need all the fancy features. Which is exactly what Jog Tracker does. It will display in miles or kilometers, calculate calories burned and more.



6. MapMyRun GPS Running


This is another app that can easily map your run. You can also track cycling and over 600 other types of activities with pace, GPS route mapping, distance, route navigation, calorie counting and much more. The app is completely free and does have a relatively easy to use interface, which is nice to see.



5. My Tracks


Here’s Google’s own run tracking app, it’s My Tracks. It uses Google Maps to track your run and show where you have ran in the past. You can also share your runs with other people. It use the GPS sensor in your device to record the geographic and velocity statistics.



4. Sports Tracker


This is another app that can do more than just record your runs. It can also track and analyze many other outdoor distance-based activities. As well as store all training data in your personal workout diary. Keep track of everything from calories burned to average training speed and altitude. And much more.



3. Nike+ Running

nikeplus running

Nike has a pretty good app, even if they won’t make the Fuelband compatible with Android. But you can go ahead and track your runs and see how much you’ve ran over the past week, month and even year. You can also set goals and share your runs on Facebook and Twitter. It’s a pretty nice app.



2. RunKeeper


With Runkeeper you can keep track of your runs, just like the name eludes to. Additionally you can see how you’re friends are doing and encourage them to do more running. After all running is healthy. This app is feature packed, hence why it’s #2 on our list.


1. Runtastic Running & Fitness


With Runtastic you can do more than just track your runs. But you can also keep track of your workouts as well. There’s a paid and a free version of Runtastic. In the free or lite version, you get the ability to track workouts in real time with built in GPS, runtastic earth view, personal workout diary and metrics, and much more.