Featured: Top 10 Best Android Apps – November 2013

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Google Places For Business


Google Places is a great way to find something near you and it’s also super-easy to find how tot get there using Google Maps. Naturally, keeping things up-to-date is important for businesses. Which is exactly where this app comes in. This is a great app for those running a store or something like that, it allows you to quickly edit your listing on the go and you can do so for more than one location. It even lets you post to Google+ showing off promotional offers and such. Clearly, this is only going to be of much to business owners but, at least Google has thought of them for once.


Microsoft Remote Desktop

remote desktop


While opinion is still pretty divided when it comes to Windows 8, even with 8.1 now available it seems odd that Microsoft has taken this long to release such an app for Android users. Regardless, the app is now here and ready for Android users all over the world to take advantage of. We took a quick look at the app and found that it wasn’t too bad, it works relatively well and gets you into your computer away from your desk – which is exactly what it says it does. Definitely a decent app to have installed if you ever find yourself wishing you uploaded that file to your Drive.




Despite its name, Waterbot isn’t an app that controls a robot in your house to water your plans for you. Instead, it cleverly reminds you when your plants need watering again. Which is great for those of you that have a number of plants that need taking care of, it also helps keeping track of different type of plants, too. With a slick interface and support for every version of Android imaginable, Waterbot is an easy app to use to make sure you don’t kill another plant on your watch.





AOL bought Patch many a moon ago and they’re finally doing something with it. Bringing hyper-local news to Android devices everywhere. You can imagine this is the digital version of the local newspaper you never read or buy. It’s a neat idea and one that works relatively well. Of course, that is if you live in a “Patch town” if not, then you’re out of luck, which is annoying.





The new Sony Smartwatch 2 is now available to buy but, it doesn’t matter if you have an older generation watch either, as this works just fine. In essence, this takes all of the hassle out of getting notifications onto your smartwatch and lets you send across all of your notifications. The app is easy to set up and works with pretty much any phone. Just like the Sony Smartwatch 2 itself, making the watch and this app far more accessible than the Galaxy Gear offering from Samsung.





Calling all PC Gamers! Power-Grid from Roccat is finally available on Android. The innovative new way of getting some extra control when gaming, Power-Grid offers all manner of control from your Android smartphone. You’ll have to install their software on your PC of course but, once you’ve done that things are straightforward. You can control sound and features like that right the way up to cool game-grids like the one above. Giving you a little more control when playing by utilizing a device you already own. Genius.




Bitstrips is a fun app that allows you to create simple comic strip sections on the fly. You can piece these together and then share them with friends. It’s a novel way of sending someone a message or conveying your mood. This sort of thing might not be new but, Bitstrips offers a fairly fresh take on things and it lets you get creative with little effort.

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Autoblog 360



Unfortunately, many Americans simply don’t have the sort of cash to buy their dream car and test driving something you can’t own isn’t cool. So, with this new app from Autoblog, you can pretend to get in the car, stretch your arms out wide and move your tablet side-to-side while making car noises. Go on, just do it, we won’t judge. In fact, I just did it myself! Needless to say, if you’re in the market of a new car, this will give you a quick glimpse of the interior of the vehicle before you take a closer look at one in the flesh.





Despite its name, this is actually an app to bring people together at a convenient time, not to draw pictures of cats. Doodle can invite people from your Android address book and it also syncs to your GMail calendar. Overall though, the app is a little rough around the edges, leading to some frustration. The concept is a great idea especially with this busy time of year looming. Obviously, those always on the go will find this more useful than anyone else.


BlackBerry Messenger

BBM Android 2


Sure, BBM might be oldhat now, something you don’t need to pay attention to but, download figures continue to rise and it seems pretty popular out there. What many seem to be missing here is that BBM is a great way to get in touch with BlackBerry users and iOS users all in one app. WhatsApp and others offer the same sort of thing but, we imagine many of your iPhone “friends” will be more inclined to install this rather than WhatsApp. No matter what though, this might be the biggest thing BlackBerry has done in the last two years. The service can only get better from here though so, watch this space.

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Switchr is one of those apps that seems superfluous, until you use it. Sure, the multitasking menu in Android has gotten pretty good since Android 4.0 but, with all this talk of gestures, shouldn’t we get more touchy feely when switching tasks? That’s exactly what Switchr offers and it’s extremely slick and easy to use. This fits in well with any Nexus device, and might even clean up the task switcher on Samsung and HTC devices. No matter what though, this is easily the best way to switch apps on Android and we hope that Google is taking notes.