Featured: Samsung Galaxy Note 2 vs Note 3: Software Differences Video

October 14, 2013 - Written By Nick Sutrich

When you get a new phone one of the first things you look for is new software.  We’ve come to expect tons of new features, doohickeys, bells and whistles on every new phone, and the Galaxy Note 3 is no exception.  While the Galaxy Note 2 is going to be receiving its Android 4.3 update in the next month or two, the Note 3 will still retain some of these features exclusively.  We’ll have to wait and see what’s going to be moved over and what won’t, but for now we take a look at some of the software differences between these two behemoths and what has changed over the past year.  This one’s a little longer than the physical hardware differences video, but then again there’s a little bit more content to cover when it comes to software.  If you want to check out all the new software on the Galaxy Note 3, check out our full Note 3 review.  In the meantime enjoy the video!