Sponsored Game Review: Gongshow Saucer King


Description: Saucer King is a game that Hockey fans have been playing in the streets, off of the ice for years now. The idea is that you simply need to hit the puck to hit your target, regardless of where you are or what's in the way. Gongshow, the famous hockey apparel brand have brought Saucer King to Android, making it easy to play the game whenever and wherever you are. Which is great for those looking to get a taste of the hockey action, while offering a fun new twist on things. Gongshow Saucer King allows you to get a taste of Saucer King no matter where you are.

How it Works: To get started, all you need to do is download the app from the Play Store. Once you've done that, the game will start to teach you how to play.

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Knowing how to play and being good at the game are two different things. As such, you should take a look at the Practice Mode to get to grips with the game:

2013-10-20 11.55.36

The Practice Mode gives you as long as you like to take your shot, and can help you get to grips with the game's controls.


2013-10-20 11.56.12

Getting to grips with shooting can be a little tricky but, when you make a shot, the game gives some amusing feedback:

2013-10-20 11.57.30


If you're feeling a little adventurous, you can change a lot of things in Practice Mode, giving you the ability to test yourself out against more difficult shots:

2013-10-20 11.58.18

You should take a look at the Challenge Mode next.


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As you progress, you'll unlocked more and more levels. When playing in Challenge Mode, you only get 60 seconds to complete the level by making as many goals as possible. Each time you make a goal time will be added back on, depending on the distance and difficulty on the shot, more time will be added back on.

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Things start off nice and easy but, you'll soon be playing Saucer King in some really crazy locations:


Don't forget that you can customize your player's look, giving the game a personal feel.



There are power-ups included as well, such as the Time Reset, Instant Score and the Wind Stopper. These offer different abilities in-game, why not give them a try while playing?

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Opinion: Gongshow Saucer King reminds me a lot of the hit game Paper Toss, only with hockey pucks and a whole lot more style. While Paper Toss got real old, real quick, Gongshow have developed a game that offers a lot to keep players interested. You can customize how your player looks using Gongshow's own gear and there are a variety of levels to take on. With a multiplayer mode that allows you to play a sort of Horse mode, there's a lot on offer for hockey fans. It's not often I spend this much time playing a review game like this but, it was certainly addictive and the added level of difficulty made it challenging. Without difficulty games can become boring quite quickly, which makes us glad to see that Gongshow haven't given players a free pass here.


  • Speed (4/5) – The game runs well and the pace of the game is fun, without running away from players.
  • Features (4/5) – Instead of just being about hitting pucks into goals, you can customize your look, create your own challenges in Practice Mode and there's even a multiplayer mode included.
  • Theme (4/5) – The 3D graphics are good but, they could do with a little work. However, this means Gongshow Saucer King will run on pretty much any Android device.
  • Overall (4/5) – With a little polish this would be a great game. Right now, it has great core gameplay and it can be quite addictive.


  • Addictive gameplay will appeal to hockey fans and casual gamers alike.
  • Being able to customize your character might sound trivial but, small touches like this go a long way.
  • There are a variety of different levels to choose from, giving players varying levels of difficulty.
  • Practice Mode is great for new players, and allows you to create your own challenges.


  • 3D graphics are good but, they could do with a little bit of work.
  • A easier way of adjusting the player's aiming direction is needed.

Conclusion: Gongshow Saucer King is not a perfect game but, it is a lot of fun and it offer hockey fans a really fun game. All-in-all, this is an easy title to pick up and play and it's well worth trying out. Thanks to the variety of levels and its Practice Mode, there's a lot to do when playing. The core gameplay is a lot of fun and can become addictive. Saucer King can be a lot of fun to play in real life but, if you don't have friends into it like you or you live somewhere where it's impractical, this is a good alternative. You can get a taste of Saucer King on the go thanks to Gongshow's offering and it's one worth checking out.