Sponsored Game Review: Archery Master Touch


Description: Archery Master Touch is a game for Android that hopes to bring some of the allure of archery to your pocket. With fluid graphics and fast gameplay it can be a tricky game to master. This isn't your typical archery game either, to master this title you'll need excellent reaction speeds and reflexes. The game asks you to fire arrows at a target, however you must guide the arrow to its destination using your fingers, sliding left-to-right. This sounds easy but the fast pace of the game will keep you on your toes, as too will the obstacles and power-ups that make things more challenging.

How it Works: To test your skills, download the app from the Play Store before you do anything else. After that, you're ready to go.

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The first few levels are available to you when you first start. However, when you prove yourself, you'll unlock more levels.

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The basic principle of the game is to guide your arrow down the range to its target. However, you can collect coins and power-ups as you do this.


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You get a certain number of arrows and course layouts to go through before you can head to the next level. Each time though, you should find it more and more difficult.



At the end of each of your runs, you'll be told how well you've done:

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As you progress through the levels, you'll find yourself in more different locations, some of them pretty cool, too.



Thanks to this being a WSW title, you can play online against others, using the Skillz network.



Opinion: Archery Master Touch is a whole lot of fun. It might seem like a simple concept on the surface but, it'll quickly have you hooked and you'll have to struggle with the high-speed action. Collecting coins as you go is something that every game has these days, right? Well, not like this, no. Power-ups are mixed in with these coins and they can really help but, speeding things up is perhaps the last thing you need. WSW have done a really good job of creating a game that relies on quick-thinking and reflexes. How quickly you can react is the main challenge behind the game and it can be frustratingly addictive.


  • Speed (5/5) – The game runs great on phones and tablets. Not just that but, the pace of play here is dizzyingly quick and takes some time to adjust to.
  • Features (4/5) – If you like the core gameplay, you'll continue to play for hours. However, at its core the gameplay could be considered simple, it's the challenge that sells this game.
  • Theme (4/5) – With some nice scenery and good artwork, Archery Master Touch looks good and runs very well.
  • Overall (4/5) – For those looking for a difficult game to challenge themselves, this is it. Casual gamers will find themselves hooked, too but, they should be prepared for a difficult game.


  • Fast-paced gameplay creates some frantic decision making for all.
  • This can become addictive quite quickly, thanks to the challenge it offers players.
  • One of the few games around now that can be played with one-hand (depending on your phone's size).
  • Power-ups and obstacles add to the core gameplay and throw up surprises.


  • Some players might find it a little too difficult.
  • Practice levels could help people build up their skill.

Conclusion: As it stands, Archery Master Touch is a lot of fun, it's a quick-paced game that will have you cursing its difficulty. However, that's also the same thing that makes this so successful as a mobile title. Often, we won't to play games that are simple to play but, offer us some sort of challenge. Big budget games from EA and Co. are designed to sell well so, they need to be easy. Here, you're presented with a game in which only your skill matters. There's no need to pile in extra cash and it's a great way to challenge yourself, whether that's for five minutes at a time or until you get that gold medal. Not for a long time have I been so frustrated with a game and yet so pleased at the same time. They say it's the simple things that matter in life, and a good challenge is one of them. Archery Master Touch offers a good challenge and then some.