Sponsored App Review: Tootooni!


Description: Tootooni is an Android app designed for young children and toddlers that offers a whole bunch of games all in one. It features 15 classic games that your little ones might be used to playing at preschool, or some that they haven't played before! Parents won't have to worry about privacy or anything like that as the app doesn't leverage in-app payments and it doesn't even have to connect to the Internet. All the 15 games included all encourage children to be creative and practice different skills. For instance, the Blackboard game lets children practice their handwriting while the Math game will help them count. Parents with toddlers and tablets will find this an invaluable app to keep the little ones happy and also help them with their creativity and some key skills. Take a look at the list below to see what games Tootoni offers:

  • Draw the tracks game: Kids, drag your finger on the screen to create a train track, road or airway over the on-screen scenery, then watch as the cartoon trains, cars and airplanes travel along the paths while making their distinctive sounds.
  • Building blocks game: Kids, pick up and place different shapes and colors of blocks and form houses, trains, etc with or without gravity.
  • Match the pairs game: Kids, tap the screen to reveal pictures of the cartoon vehicle characters and exercise your memory by matching the pairs of identical pictures.
  • Water paint game: Kids, brush your finger over the black-and-white sketches to reveal the colors that complete the picture.
  • Finger paint game: Kids, choose colors from the palette and brush your finger over the canvas to color-in the black-and-white sketches using your own imagination.
  • Picture puzzle game: Kids, reassemble the scrambled pictures by dragging the tiles to their correct place on the canvas.
  • Music room : Tap on the cartoon characters and hear the sounds they make.
  • Connect the dots game: Kids, tap on the numbered dots in sequence to reveal the hidden image.
  • Scratch the cards game: Kids, scratch with your finger the card to unveil the picture.
  • Blackboard: Kids, write your name, letters, numbers, outlines, do additions using your finger as chalk on the blackboard.
  • Maze game: Kids, drag the character (train, car, airplane) and solve the maze.
  • Math game: Kids, count the characters (train, car, airplane) and/or add, subtract, multiply, divide numbers.
  • My Puzzle, My Scratch, My Water paint game: You can add your own drawings, digital photos, or downloaded images of cartoon characters.

How it Works: To get your little ones started, all you have to do is download the game from the Play Store, which has a free trial too. Once you've done that, you're ready to play!

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You can take a look at all of the games before you play and then choose which one you want to play:

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Most of the games let you play however you want to, which means your kids can have as much fun as they like. A great example for everyone is the blocks game:


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Games like My Scratch and My Puzzle will allow you to use your own photos or images. So you could use family photos or their favorite cartoon characters, which would make puzzles far more engaging for little ones.

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The blackboard game is great for kids just starting out how to write:

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Similarly, the math app can help children learn to count, add, multiply and even divide.


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There are a whole bunch of games to choose from so why not try them all out!

Opinion: I'm not a parent but, my girlfriend has a little sister that's around 7 now and when she was 3 or 4 she used to love playing with my Android tablet. Only problem was, all I had was Angry Birds or Sonic, which left the poor girl watching me play. With Tootooni however, she could have practically made her own phone. Whether that's doodling on the chalkboard to practicing letters. Or building towers in the blocks game. There's so much on offer here that it's hard to take in. If you were looking for an all-in-one type of game for your little ones, then this is it. Sure, the graphics are a little simple but, they're easily recognized by kids and that's what matters more than anything.



  • Speed (4/5) – Tootooni runs well on phones and tablets and it's definitely frustration free for the kids!
  • Features (5/5) – With 15 games on offer, that let kids develop skills and make their own fun there's more on offer than most kids games. No in-app purchases or internet connection are great bonuses.
  • Theme (4/5) – The graphics here aren't great but, they're easy for the little ones to get to grips with and that's all that matters here.
  • Overall (4/5) – Tootooni is a brilliantly simple game that lets kids have their own fun across 15 games and it can help them develop skills that they would otherwise do in the classroom.


  • Graphics are easy for kids to distinguish and it won't frustrate kids playing the game at all.
  • 15 games is a whole lot to choose from and most of them allow kids to play and have their own fun, allowing their imagination to take the lead.
  • Games like the Math game and the Blackboard game can help develop key skills.
  • Parents can get involved too, by drawing tracks alongside their kids or writing messages on the virtual blackboard.


  • Some more engaging graphics would be nice to see but, with 15 games on offer it's not too bad.
  • Not all that many puzzles for the kids to do but, you can upload whatever image you like.

Conclusion: Tootooni is a great app for kids, offering so many games inside of one app, with no need to pay for in-app purchases is a real boon for parents. There's no need to worry about privacy either, as there's no need to be connected to the internet – making this an app you can use pretty much anywhere. Games like the Blackboard and the Math game can really help kids to develop key skills and when the parents can involved, you can use this almost as a teaching tool. The best thing about Tootooni however, is not how much it has to offer, but what kids can do with that. They're free to make their own fun and use these games as they like. Which makes a frustration free game for little ones everywhere.