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Description: iTooch TOEFL™ Prep is an Android app dedicated to helping people prepare for the TOEFL exam. With over 1,500 exercises this is the most comprehensive app out there for those looking to take the US National Standard TOEFL exam. Aside from it being industry standard, it's also got a great and easy to use interface that's friendly and not at all intimidating no matter what your skill level. With the ability to track your scores, change the grading type and level up there's a real sense of achievement when using iTooch TOEFL™ Prep. Not only that but, the app can be a big confidence booster for those feeling on edge about their upcoming exam. Take a look at the trailer below for a closer look.

How it Works: iTooch TOEFL Prep Full is easy to get to grips with, all you have to do is head to the Play Store and install it on your device.

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Once everything has loaded, you can go ahead and choose which category you want to work from.

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There are all the common things here, like Reading, Speaking, Writing and Tips.

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Each section is broken up into different exercises:

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Questions come in forms like this:

2013-10-02 16.27.25



Then you have to highlight the pronouns:

2013-10-02 16.28.45



At the end of each section there is a test.

2013-10-02 16.31.21



At the end of each test, you're given the results:

2013-10-02 16.31.34

Opinion: iTooch TOEFL Prep is a great application for those either learning English or working towards taking the TOEFL exam. Thanks to the huge 1,500+ exercises there's more than enough to help you prepare across a wide-range of different aspects, like Writing, Reading and Speaking. From teaching how to correctly place pronouns to how to speak the language, this is a great app for the older audience looking to brush up on their English and of course, prepared for the important TOEFL. I took qualifications in English Language and English Literature and to see an app wrap everything up like this in an interactive package that's easy to use is great to see.


  • Speed (5/5) – There's nothing that slows the app down and it all runs very well indeed. As for pacing, questions are easy to answer and the timed tests are realistic and taxing.
  • Features (5/5) – Across 1,500+ exercises iTooch TOEFL Prep Full will teach you everything from reading to speaking English and everything in between. All put together in a very good looking interface that's very approachable.
  • Theme (4/5) – The UI at use here is both inviting and easy to understand. A compromise has to be made with these sorts of apps, you have to make it easy to use and inviting but, to not forget that the questions need to stand out. Here, iTooch does this brilliantly.
  • Overall (5/5) – If you're preparing for the TOEFL exam or just looking to get to grips with grammar and pronunciation, this app will give you access to all the tools you need.


  • Thanks to the vast amount of exercises and questions, using iTooch TOEFL Prep is a great way to get to grips with English.
  • The UI is easy to use and great for those that might not be too tech-savvy.
  • Leveling up and getting scored on your tests can deliver a real sense of achievement and a confidence boost to students.
  • The price tag isn't too high either, especially considering the vast amount of exercises and questions there are to get through.


  • Some more options would be welcome
  • Some polish on how the back button and other aspects work is needed.

Conclusion: iTooch TOEFL Prep Full is easily one of the most comprehensive apps for learning English there is on Android. With over 1,500 exercises, 135 images and visuals and 278 spoken sound files there's so much on offer here that you might not even need to go to class. Those preparing for the TOEFL exam that are looking for a lighter way to get to grips with the exam's material will absolutely love this. It scales well to Android tablets making this easier to use in the classroom and of course, it's great for bitesize learning on the go or at home. Considering how much you get to learn in this app, it's very competitively priced, making for one of the best apps on Android for those looking to learn English.


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