Sponsored App Review: DialMyCalls


Description: DialMyCalls in an Android app that easily allows you to send messages to large groups of contacts. Of course, you're probably thinking that a group SMS message can do that but, DialMyCalls is so much more than that. Instead of just sending them an SMS message, DialMyCalls does what you might expect, it dials these numbers from the group of contacts you've chosen and then leaves them the message. If their Voicemail picks up, the app will leave a voicemail message. It's a more effective way of getting a message across to numerous different people and it's more professional than a group SMS.

How it Works: First of all, you should download the app from the Play Store. After that, you should head on over to their website to take a look at the service in general. You have a couple of options when you want to setup a message blast in the app.



If you're setting up a Call Blast you can record your voice or add some text.


You can manage contacts in the app, too. Remember that you get to send a blast to 25 contacts for free once a week. However, the message can only be 30 seconds in length.



When you've sent your message, it'll let you know how many of your users have either received the message, or have it waiting for them in their voicemail.



Opinion: DialMyCalls is a pretty great app for team managers and supervisors. Let's say you're running a store and you need everyone to be in an hour earlier Monday for stock take. A group SMS would do the job but, heavy texters will often ignore texts that aren't from their friends and tech savvy folk might not get the message. DialMyCalls however, will ring their numbers and either play your recorded voice message or read out your text. This is great for businesses and stores that need to get a quick message across but want to do so in a more professional manner, and one that holds more results.


  • Speed (4/5) – DialMyCalls seems fast enough to us and there was no slowdown when using the app.
  • Features (5/5) – It does exactly what it says it does and can offer managers and such a much better way of getting in touch with their whole staff.
  • Theme (4/5) – The app itself is good looking enough, and easy for users to follow.
  • Overall (4/5) – If you're in need of getting through to a large group of staff, then DialMyCalls is one of the best ways to do it.


  • It's free to send a blast to 25 contacts every week.
  • Far more professional than an SMS message, and won't get drowned out by other texts.
  • You can send your own recorded message, in your voice, making things feel a little more familiar.
  • The app runs well on Android devices and is easy enough for most users to learn in a matter of minutes.


  • Message plans might be a little expensive for those that won't use the app too much.
  • 2 Minutes should be long enough for most people, but longer options would be good.

Conclusion: When you need to send out a mass message to your staff, and you're pretty sure an SMS won't cut it, hearing your own voice via a message can be extremely effective. There are numerous plans available from the DialMyCalls Website and the app is easy enough for non tech-savvy users to use. Those running a business with a younger staff will know that a mass-SMS isn't going to work as it'll simply get drowned out among all the other text messages they're dealing with. Messages can be up to two minutes in length and their website is a great place to look when trying to get some more info. This is easily one of the best apps and services out there to get in touch with your staff when you need to pass on some info out of hours.