Fan-Made Render of Google Play Games Suggests App Updates That Users Want in Android 4.4

October 13, 2013 - Written By Jeremiah Nelson

Android 4.4 Kit Kat is right around the corner. With Nexus 5 leaks popping up all over the place, we know that an announcement can’t be more than a few days away. We’ve heard rumors that October 15th will be when Google announces the next version of Android. We haven’t seen an official press event invite yet, but those have to be on their way soon.

App designers and fans of Google services are still putting together concept renders of what they’d like to see. One user, Nikolai Prettner, made some great renders showing what he wants out of an updated Google Play Games app. He posted them on his Google+ page.


Prettner feels that the current Google Play Games app is pretty darn useless. You may have a different opinion. He has put some time in to what he wants to see from Google, and explains it like this:

So for the Profile summary on the side drawer you’ll be able to see your profile picture, name, achievement count from all the games you play, the total number of games you play, how many times people have rated you good and bad.

Nikolai has made a Play Games app interface that is a little more playful than the current app, but is more complex at the same time. The overall interface looks a bit more flat and it adds the features that most Android gamers really want. Prettner added Achievements, Leaderboards, Multiplayer Friends, Games Played, and Recommended Games. If Prettner had his way, Android gamers would be able to get in touch with their friends to see what they were doing and playing at any given time. That sounds like it would walk a fine line between social-gaming and stalking, but we’ll let you be the judge of that.


There’s a Notifications section where your contacts can recommend new games to you. There’s even a ratings system that would let players rank each other and compare stats. The app has been updated with the latest Android design guidelines in mind, too. Overall we think it would be a worthy update. We hope Google adds some of these features to Play Games when Android 4.4 launches.