Exclusive: Check Out These Awesome Google Glass Accessories!

glass store 1

Google Glass is one of the most exciting devices I’ve seen in a long time. It’s been gathering a ton of hype and buzz since it was first announced a couple years ago. Just recently, Google announced they were working on the next version of Glass that will be available next year. We’ve now come across a new PDF document that shows you all kinds of accessories for your Google Glass.


First off we’ve got the mono earbud which connect into the Glass, but only work for one ear – hence “mono”. Which is pretty much expected. They are called the Extra Mono Earbud. They are $50 and come in four different colors, black, blue, red and gray.


Next up is the Clear Shield which is only compatible with Glass purchased after October 28th. These are $75, but there’s no real description about these.


Then there’s the extra cable and charger. This is the premium micro USB and charger that’s specifically designed for Glass. The cord does look to be plenty long, which is always a great thing. This one is also $50.


Now we’ve got an extra pouch, which has been designed to be both light and durable, take it with you to protect your Glass and it’s accessories. It’s made with Japanese Micro-fiber from recycled materials, and it’ll set you back about $50.

That’s all the accessories we’ve found from the Glass Accessory store so far. I’m sure there will be more in the future, especially once we get the second generation of Glass and it hits the public next year. However, one has to wonder if we’ll be seeing third-party accessories for Glass. Like maybe a pouch from Spigen or something? It’s definitely going to get interesting in the accessory game for Google Glass in the near future. What kind of accessories would you like to see for Google Glass?