Droid Weekly 10/6/13: Galaxy Note 3 Teardown, Verizon Protecting Data, HTC Loses More Money, and More


Service Manual for the Nexus 5 Leaks, Giving us an Idea of What to Expect – 8MP OIS Camera, 32GB Storage and More

Just last night, the service manual for the Nexus 5 leaked. It shows us plenty of specs as well as plenty of pictures of the next Nexus. It's looking very likely that this is the real deal, as the service manual is over 281-pages long. Read More

Looks Like the HTC One Max is Headed to Verizon

Verizon Max


HTC One Max leaks out with Verizon branding. We all know how Verizon loves their logo. Well they've replaced the HTC logo on the One Max between the home and back buttons to be a big old Verizon logo. Which basically confirms that it's coming to Verizon soon. Read More

Google Wants to Buy Parts of Blackberry or Potentially the Whole Company


Rumor has it that Google and a few other companies are looking to buy parts of the entire company of Blackberry. While most of us probably think there's nothing valuable with Blackberry, there's actually plenty of patents that the company owns. As well as their expertise in the Enterprise market. Read More


Samsung Looking to buy a Stake in Best Buy?


Rumors started surfacing this week that Samsung is looking to buy a stake in Best Buy. The company has been having trouble lately and have had to close a few of their stores. So getting some help from Samsung (even if it's to take over their stores) would be appreciated, I'm sure. Read More

HTC Woes Continues as First Quarterly Loss in Company History is Reported

HTC One 77


This past week, HTC announced their first quarterly loss in company history. Now keep in mind that these are unaudited numbers, so they may change when the official Q3 numbers come out later this month. Read More

Verizon Says All The Wrong Things When Asked About Protecting Customers' Data


Verizon's vice president of National Security Policy recently spoke at a security summit in NYC and basically said don't ask Verizon to protect your data. Our readers have had mixed thoughts about what Marcus Sachs said, but I think it's true. If you want your data protect it, you have to do it yourself. Read More


Galaxy Note 3 Teardown Shows $232 Bill of Materials

Note-3-teardown (2)

The Galaxy Note 3 was torn down this week to find out that the cost of making the device was only about $232. Which is kind of what we expected. It's actually about the same price as making the Moto X. Which is kind of surprising given the bigger display, faster and better processor, bigger battery and more. Read More