Dead Trigger 2 Coming To Android In A Few Hours. Get Ready For The Zombies!

dead trigger 2 zombie attack

Most people love to kill zombies, that’s just a fact and if a billion games and movies about it wasn’t evidence enough the fact that a big part of the gaming crowd is eagerly waiting for Dead Trigger 2 has to be.

Madfinger Games had a lot of success with the original Dead Trigger and the sequel seems to be even better with more weapons, more zombies, a customizable weapon system and first-class graphics. Dead Trigger 2 will be launched on Android tonight according to Madfingers’ own Tweet. The game is already out on the Apple App Store and Android is coming up next. I can already imagine the hordes of zombies falling worldwide after gamers desperately try to survive them. Madfinger promised the game on October 23rd and they kept their promise, unlike that other company with a messaging app.

The story of the game is your standard zombie story: an unknown virus spreads out and turn humans into undead monsters hungry for human flesh and only a handful of people survive. Obviously, you’re part of the surviving group although it would be fun to play from the zombie side at least once…

You can expect many in-app purchases since Dead Trigger 2 is on the freemium model which means that the game itself is free, but if you want that big kill-everything-in-sight machine gun you’re gonna have to get your wallet ready. Let’s hope that Madfinger will keep the “please buy me” buttons to a minimum and won’t be too intrusive. That’s the easiest way to ruin a good game.

As for the game itself, Dead Trigger 2 has been turned into a huge real-time multiplayer game meaning that there’s just one world and if you want in on the action you better get there first. Players will be able to band together and travel the globe to play missions together and win prizes for them. Weekly missions are expected as well as monthly updates to keep players interested in the game.

The game is not out yet but it should be soon so be on the lookout if you feel like dual wielding machine guns against a horde of flesh-eating zombies.