Confirmed: Beats Audio Will Be Part of the HTC One Max

October 1, 2013 - Written By Alexander Maxham

So many rumors about the HTC One Max recently. For those that don’t know, the HTC One Max is supposedly going to be HTC’s entrance into the “phablet” arena with a massive 5.9-inch display. Now that is already a huge display, but think about how big the phone will be with the front-facing speakers and Boomsound. Just recently, Beats Electronics bought HTC’s share in their company back. Which made it a bit unclear as to whether Beats Audio was going to be part of their upcoming devices or not. On Tuesday, Beats Electronics COO has confirmed that the HTC One Max will indeed have Beats Audio.

The President and Chief Operating Officer for Beats Electronics, Luke Wood, stated that the company still has 25% investments in HTC along with a commercial deal with the Taiwanese manufacturer. Wood also mentioned that they have a large-format HTC device out in the fall. Which most of us are assuming will be the HTC One Max. That would feature Beats Audio. Wood did decline to comment on whether the Beats relationship with HTC would continue past that large-format phone or not, but says that they have learned some great things from their cooperation with HTC.

Not everyone like Beats Audio, in fact many people think it’s just marketing and that the audio sounds the same. But for those audiophile’s out there that love Beats Audio, this is a big deal. I’d actually like to see Beats Audio be baked into stock Android. That way it can be a part of any and every device running Android. Yes I’m a fan of Beats Audio. It’s built into my HP Laptop and desktop and the sound is great, in my opinion.

Here’s to change hoping that Beats Electronics and HTC will continue to cooperate with each other and offer Beats Audio in future HTC devices. I know that’s a big reason why HTC is selling even some of their phones at this rate.