Clerk Saved When a Bullet Hit His HTC EVO 3D, Receives Early Christmas Gift From HTC – A New HTC One


Yesterday, we reported that a Florida Store Clerk was saved by his HTC EVO 3D smartphone in his front shirt pocket when a robber took a shot at him.  He was ordered to open the store's safe, which he was unable to do, and after another clerk arrived for work and was also unable to open the safe, the robber took off and fired a shot towards the clerks as he ran away. Even though the clerk came through the ordeal with nothing more than a sore chest, as you can see in the above picture, his HTC EVO 3D did not fare quite as well.  Between the Gorilla Glass and the battery, this clerk's life was spared as his phone gave its own life to save his.

We mentioned in the story yesterday that we hoped the store clerk would receive a new smartphone after all he went through, and many of our readers on Google+ felt the same way as their posts were part thankful his life was spared and part sadness for the clerk with a useless phone – you know how passionate we are about our smartphones.  Fortunately, it looks like HTC also felt the same way and tweeted the following:


free htc one tweet

So HTC send him, not only a brand new HTC One, they also included a "Glad You're OK" care package that included, among other things, a Car Dock, an "On-The-Go Charging" Battery Bar, and a Hipster Troll Carwash (HTC) Mug .  The HTC One may not have the 3D images like he experienced on his HTC EVO, but hopefully the beautiful design, better specifications, and knock-out sound of the HTC One's dual stereo speakers will make up for his missing 3D.  Another factor to look at is the aluminum build of the HTC One should also be an upgrade should the clerk ever run into this same situation again – although we pray that once is enough.  One thing is for sure, he will continue to carry his HTC One in his front shirt pocket!

free htc one


This is just the latest incident where a manufacturer has stepped up to the plate and helped out a wronged individual.  It promotes a lot of goodwill and it is simply the right thing and a nice thing to do.  We tip our hats to you, HTC – keep up the good work.

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