Can The Nexus 5's 2,300 mAh Battery Be an Improvement on Last Year's Nexus 4?


The Nexus 5 is finally, officially here and it's available in the Play Store right now, starting at $349. For the last few years now, Google's nexus devices from partners such as Samsung and LG have presented users with good value and a great way of keeping up-to-date with the latest versions of Android. They're great for developers too, with an easily unlocked bootloader and source code at your fingertips in the AOSP. However, general consumers have been picking up the Nexus devices too, thanks to their longevity and recently, their great value. The Nexus 4 had some of the best specs of any device in 2012 and the Nexus 5 puts up a pretty great fight, too.

This year's Nexus 5 is pretty great too, it has some great specs and it compares nicely with other Android flagships. However, there's always one area that the Nexus devices have seemingly let fans down on and that's battery life. Whether or not this was down to earlier versions of Android or just poor optimization is unclear but, this year's Nexus 5 should be a little better, if not a lot better than last year's model. The battery size comes up to 2,300 mAh, which is a slight increase from the 2,100 mAh battery in last year's Nexus 4.

The Play Store listing for this year's Nexus lists the battery lasting for 17 hours of talk time, 8.5 hours of time on WiFi and 7 hours on LTE. But of course, this is all down to what you're doing online etc. So, the Nexus 5 appears to feature a better battery than last year's model but, as with most Nexus devices, it'll be the software that determines whether or not the Nexus 5 outlasts other devices. However, with the LG G2 shipping with 3,200 mAh of capacity and the Droid MAXX shipping with a 3,500 mAh battery there are devices out there if you need to be on the go all day long without running to the outlet.


However, Google have constantly been looking to refine their battery life on their products and the Nexus 7 has a pretty great battery life so, we see no reason why this year's Nexus should be any different. When we get proper test figures, we'll share them with you and we have a Nexus 5 on our way so, we'll be doing our own tests shortly.

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