Bloomberg: Microsoft Wants Windows Phone on HTC's Android Flagships


Things aren't going so well for HTC right now, with the company recording their first loss of $120 Million. Not just that but, there are reports that the company is once again struggling with component shortages as well as yet another snafu with Nokia. However, the company is obviously still in Microsoft's hearts as a new report from Bloomberg details that the tech giant asked HTC to put Windows Phone on their Android flagships. HTC have been no stranger to Microsoft over the years and while Windows Phone hasn't been of much interest to the company they were there when Windows Phone 7 was launched and who can forget the excellent HTC HD2? Needless to say, this is a pretty bold move from Microsoft.

According to the report from Bloomberg, Microsoft didn't just want Windows Phone versions of these devices but, they wanted HTC to offer Windows Phone as an alternative to users that already owned the devices in question. For instance, those with an HTC One would be able to choose Windows Phone as an alternative. That's the sort of picture Microsoft is going for. HTC already have the HTC 8X and the 8S on shelves, both devices that share similarities with HTC's devices but, they're nothing close to the HTC One in terms of build and design.


For Microsoft to do this shows just how much they need manufacturers to get onboard. With 4% or so market share, Windows Phone still has a lot to prove and we're not sure if they can prove there's room for one more platform. Despite the fact that they'll soon own there own smartphone manufacturer, Microsoft will want to have Windows Phone on more than one type of device. With Samsung, Motorola, Acer, LG and other s all absent it leaves HTC as one of the few top-tier OEMs selling both Android and Windows Phone. Considering the state HTC is in right now, we can't imagine them signing up to such a deal with Microsoft. Messing around with software in such a manner can't do wonders for your brand value. What do you think? Would you at least like the option of trying out Windows Phone on your HTC device?

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