AT&T U-verse Brings Live TV to Android

October 22, 2013 - Written By Brendan Lynch

AT&T’s U-verse service was launched earlier this month, bringing live TV channels to iOS users. Now, AT&T has released a press statement saying that the service is available on Android.

The service will provide Android users with 20 live TV channels when they are using mobile devices away from their homes. In addition, if the users are actually in their homes, they will have access to all 100 live TV channels provided by U-verse. When it comes to channel selection, you can expect to have access to all of the major broadcast channels, including channels like CNN, Disney, and ESPN.

Not only does the service offer impressive live TV, but it also offers thousands of movies and TV shows On-Demand. You will even be able to have full control over all potential DVR functions. This will essentially turn your device into the control center of your TV experience if you are in fact a U-Verse customer.

The major downside of this service is that it is only supported on just over 30 devices as of right now. If you are lucky enough to have a supported device, you will need to purchase the proper subscription in order to gain access to all of the provided content.

U-Verse interface

The application itself is simply designed with great search and organizational features. However, there are obvious dangers when it comes to streaming content on your device. If you are doing so on your phone away from a WifI network, you’ll want to keep an eye on your data usage. Live video is particularly data hungry and could rack up some serious charges during your next billing cycle.