AT&T to Take On Google With Fiber in Austin



These days, a lot of us lament the speed of our home connections more often than anything else and Google has realized this. The search giant has already rolled out fiber-optic broadband in Kansas and they've made solid plans to do so in Austin, Texas next year. However, it looks like AT&T is hoping to throw a spanner in the works. As CNet is reporting, AT&T is making moves to launch their fiber-optic network before Google do next year. Considering the amount of attention Google's ambitious plan with Kansas received all over the Internet and in the Press, we're pretty sure that AT&T will want some of the limelight this time around.


However, AT&T will more than likely face a huge problem: pricing. Right now, there's absolutely nobody in Kansas that can match – never mind beating – Google's price for Gigabit speeds. Kansas residents can experience Google Fiber for just $70 a month and if they pony up $120 a month they get Cable TV, as well. We can't imagine AT&T being able to match such pricing so, being first might not help them at all.

Regardless, AT&T will be moving forward with their Austin rollout, offering 300 Megabit speeds at first, then ramping up to Gigabit speeds next year. Dubbed "GigaPower", AT&T's network will be an all-fiber network and launch December 1st in Austin. Speaking to CNet, Lori Lee, a senior executive in AT&T's home solutions unit declined to comment on price but said that it would be "good value for customers".

Hopefully, AT&T will keep to their word as other TelCos – including themselves – charge incredibly inflated prices for such speeds. Verizon seem to be the worst, offering a 500 Megabit connection for a cool $310 a month – with either cable or phone services. Affordable, right? AT&T will know that Google can and probably will undercut AT&T on their price so keeping quiet about it now is hardly surprising.


Overall though, it seems that Google have succeeded in one thing with their Fiber program – the TelCos are waking up and soon, that could mean better Internet for all of us.

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