Updated: AT&T to Introduce Mobile Share Plans for New Customers – No Changes for Current Customers

October 11, 2013 - Written By Alexander Maxham

On Friday, AT&T has confirmed that they will offer their mobile share plans for new customers , which have been out for about a year now. In the past you could choose between the 500MB, 3GB or 5GB plans or get on a mobile share plan. It seems that as of Oct. 25th, that will no longer be available. When Verizon launched their Mobile Share plans a few years ago, they got rid of their standard data plans for those with just one line of service. Current customers will not be affected and can keep their current plans or switch to a mobile share plan if they choose to.

“In recent years, the way customers use their phones and other devices has changed – a lot,” said AT&T in a blog post on Friday. AT&T introduced these mobile share plans in August of 2012. AT&T is saying that for about 95% of their customers the Mobile Share plans offer a better value. Although, current AT&T customers will be able to keep their existing plans, even if they decide to upgrade to a new device.

Basically the way that AT&T’s Mobile Share plans work is that you pay a flat fee for each device connected, which gives you unlimited text and minutes. Then there’s another fee for data. You can find out more information here. Basically one device is $50, and if you want 2GB of data, that’s an additional $50. If you want to add a tablet, it’ll cost you another $10 per month, but you can share the 2GB of data that is on your mobile share plan. They have data plans in increments all the way up to 50GB.

I do see how it is cheaper for most people on AT&T. Right now unlimited minutes is $69/month, unlimited texting at $20/month and 3GB of data is $30/month. So that works out to about $120/month. Which 2GB on mobile share is $100 and 4GB is $110.

How many of you are already on the Mobile Share plans? Do you think this is a good idea for AT&T and it’s customers? Let us know in the comments below.

Update: Information was adjusted to correctly reflect new mobile share plan changes for new customers and existing.