AT&T Moto X Gets Its Camera Update Beginning Today


The Moto X was a pretty great device. When I reviewed it last week, it was tough to find something bad to say about it. Sure many people thought the camera was bad, but I thought it was alright for a smartphone camera. Although this past week, I received the camera update on the Sprint Moto X and I have to say the camera has greatly improved since this update. So now the Moto X is a great device, I just wish Moto Maker would open up for other carriers.

Earlier this week, Motorola started a soak test for this update to AT&T users. And it looks like the soak test went great since AT&T/Motorola announced the update today and that it is beginning to roll out today. The changelog is about what we expected:


Here is the changelog:

  • Camera enhancements:
    • Enhanced camera auto-white balance performance and color accuracy.
    • Improved exposure when taking photos outside or backlit, and improved clarity in low light.
    • Faster touch-to-focus time and reduced unnecessary refocusing in low light or scenes with continuous motion.
  • Faster response and improved accuracy when using Touchless Control and easier set up and training of the "Ok Google Now" trigger.
  • Enhanced transfer of content from old phone to new phone using Motorola Migrate.
  • Fine-tuned feature that allows you to find phone when it is lost that sometimes prevented a lost phone from reporting its location.

So mostly changes to the camera. I do have to say that the update on the Sprint Moto X has also greatly improved the battery life on this device. I might go as far to say that the battery life has doubled since getting the update. Which is amazing, since the Moto X already had great battery life. Now that could be different for the AT&T model, which is why I specified Sprint. AT&T users, enjoy your newly updated Moto X!

Once you get the update, let us know in the comments below what you think about the new camera.