Ask the AH Staff: What Do You Want to See in Android 4.4 - KitKat

While we've already done our huge Android 4.4 preview a few weeks ago. It's now time to see what the rest of our staff wants to see in Android 4.4 - KitKat. We already know what I want to see, but I'll still put it in this post. Seems like the number one thing is camera improvements, which I really can't disagree with.

Keith Myers


I would love to see the following features

1) Deeper Google Now integration - Like the Moto X but better
2) A "Desktop Mode" - When a phone is connected to an external monitor, why does it have to act like a large phone. A Desktop Style UI would be perfect. It would be sweeter if it supported a Windowed Mode
3) More Flavors - Why not a banana flavored Kit Kat bar?
4) Cross device sync - It would be nice if my saved games would sync between my different devices.
5) Battery Life Improvements
6) Better integration with wearable technology. Google Glass is still running ICS!


Improved Camera Software

They have been continual improvements to the camera interface with each rendition of Android Jelly Bean, but I would like to see them pull out all of the stops in KitKat 4.4.  So many people are becoming photo-junkies since the cameras on smartphones have improved so much over the last two-years and Google needs to take camera processing to a completely new level of envy for other manufacturers.  How about including Optical Image Stabilization (OIS)...I can hope, can't I.

Jeremiah N

Writer/Android Headlines Show Host

Camera improvements, which it sounds like we will get. I want not just great camera hardware but software that complements it. The stock Android camera app lags far, far behind HTC's and Samsung's. These rumored theme options sound great too, I hope those make it into Kit Kat. I would also like to see apps like Active Notifications and Touchless Control from the Moto X make their way to stock Android. A bigger battery is a must as well. Anything less than 3000 mAh will be a disappointment.

Alex Maxham

Assistant Editor

There's a lot I'd like to see in Android 4.4. Mostly to do with the Camera and battery. Last year we heard some rumors - that turned out to be fake - that Google was working on better battery life on stock Android. That is something we really need. The fact that my Nexus 4 can't last a full day, even if I'm on a mix of WiFi and HSPA+ all day long, is pretty sad. And as far as the camera goes, we know Google's working on something. In fact we heard it first hand from Vic Gundotra earlier this year. Personally I'd love to have the G2's camera on the Nexus 5. But you still need the software there, which is where Google comes in. Additionally I'd love to see a way to theme the device (which was rumored a few days ago), and a slight UI overhaul...maybe a move to cards throughout the entire UI?

Peter Holden


I would love Google to implement a native version of Samsung's multiwindow software for tablets and phablets,in order to make the most of the display. As well as a backup solution baked into the OS that would back up all the  and app data, texts, wallpapers, sounds, etc. to Google Drive every time I plugged in the charger.

My impossible wish would be that Android 4.4 gave the user the ability to choose between using the stock Google Experience and the manufacturers overlay i.e. Touchwiz. You have to dream, right?

Chris Yackulic

Founder/Editor in Chief

Here's my long wishlist:

  • 64-bit hardware support - Not cause we need it but because I want to piss i sheep off
  • Finger print reader technology - for same reason as above
  • Full screen call display - cause apple has it
  • Better battery optimization - so i can actually use my phone all day on a charge
  • Better Camera - So people stop asking for it....jk......
  • New UI - Clean and bright new UI based on Google Now
  • Improved sensor technology to communicate with Google Now better
  • Wireless charging support
  • Google Now deeper Intergration
  • A way for oem & carriers to be able to update phones quicker or by pass them altogther ;)
  • Exclusive Android Cloud storage solutions integrated for complete phone backups
  • Increased security features
  • Exclusive new fun kitkat apps
  • increased screen transition time
  • Ability to turn off OEM skins on any device
  • Enhanced multitasking
  • Double tap to turn screen on
  • paypal option in google play
  • Flashlight app with lock screen widget
  • Infinite scroll for homescreens
  • Free Kikat bars for one year

So that's what our staff is looking for in KitKat. What about our readers? In a few days we'll be putting together a post of what our readers want to see in Android 4.4 KitKat, so leave a comment below with your wishlist for KitKat.

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