Android Retro Game Of The Week: Heroes Of Loot

October 11, 2013 - Written By Justin Diaz

Dungeon crawlers are all about loot, and one can presumably say that Heroes of Loot is unmatched in this endeavor of providing you with as much obtainable loot as possible. This retro tribute to old school dungeon crawlers gives you an unlimited amount of randomly generated dungeons to give you hours upon hours upon hours of braving dangerous dungeons to get more powerful loot for your characters.


 Heroes of Loot changes every time you open the game, so each time you play you get a brand new experience. It also changes up the difficulty so even though you’ve played it from dusk till dawn and have become more powerful, so has the dungeon. It scales difficulty up to match that of your level which certainly provides a nice challenge and a never ending possibility of dungeon crawling gameplay. unless you die.heroes2
In Heroes of Loot you can choose from four different classes to play; Elf, Warrior, Wizard, and Valkyrie. Pick your hero and advance through the seemingly endless(and literally endless) dungeons with randomly generated quests to gain even more loot on top of what you gather from dungeons and monsters. Gain experience from quests as well which will help you level up, so that you can reach untold levels of power and… pretty much do it all over again. Only this time it will be harder.heroes3
There is so much loot in this game, you might grow old and die IRL before you have a chance to grab everything this game has to offer. Dungeon crawl your way into next week for a chance at the special mysterious dungeon items that we promise you, are mysterious. We can’t however promise you that they will be any better than what you may have shucked your household responsibilities to already obtain, or that you’ll even find them. heroes4
The ultimate dungeon grinders fantasy in grand 8 bit retro style graphics will give any fan of loot grinding a vast amount of enjoyment over god knows how many hours, or days, or months. You can crawl your way through 5 minutes of dungeon, or 5 hours, and do it from home or on the go. If you ever wanted to carry around a tiny wizard in your pocket, here’s your chance. You can pick up Heroes of Loot for $1.99 or grab the free ad-supported version from the play store now.