Android Retro Game Of The Week: Fist Of Awesome


Present day. The world has been taken over by bears and they now rule the earth! What will befall humanity? Horrific atrocities and surely certain death. But not if Tim Burr has anything to say about it. Sink your teeth into this retro fitted tribute to old school 8-bit side scrolling brawlers like Double Dragon and Final Fight and save the world from a bearon future. fist
Our story begins with our bearded hero Tim Burr. His family has mysteriously disappeared, and he is now a homeless dreg ever since his house spontaneously burst into flames. It looks bleak for Tim. That's when his fist suddenly becomes self aware to inform him that bears have taken over the world and humanity is doomed. Its up to Tim to punch every bear right in the mouth and lead the human race back to the top of the food chain.fist3
In this epic adventure filled with fist fights, beards, gratuitous bear nudity and plaid shirts,(oh and I can't forget Raptors)you'll travel through time and traverse many an obstacle as Tim Burr the rage filled lumberjack of justice. If you have any hope of saving the world, you can't let fear of retaliation due to animal cruelty stop you now. Get to punching, and leave no bear standing. fistofawesomeprev-02
Fist of Awesome is wonderfully witty and deeply satisfying retro style brawler from developers I Fight Bears, whose goal was to provide the world of gamers a way to have some fun while doing what they've always wanted. To punch a bear in the face and live to tell about it. When you're 70 years old and telling your tiny grandchildren stories of your glorious exploits, you can leave out the part that it was in a video game. fist4
You can pick up Fist of Awesome right now on Google play for $3.99. Hey, that's the cheapest bear fighting training I've ever heard of. Search those couch cushions and visit your local coin star. These bears aren't going to punch themselves.fist2