Android Retro Game Of The Week: Organ Trail – Director’s Cut

October 4, 2013 - Written By Justin Diaz

You know, I probably got my first taste of games as a very young lad playing Oregon Trail on the old Macintosh computers that most schools used to carry back in the early 90s. It was a new type of entertainment for me and I found it uniquely sublime. I would play to my hearts content. Or.. at least until the teachers made me get off the computer and go back to class. Oregon Trail was widely popular and everyone loved it. Even to this day.(There’s a revamped android version thanks to Gameloft). You know what else everyone loves? Zombie games. No matter how much we think there’s already quite enough zombie games for the next millennium, were wrong. So very wrong. organ4
Enter Organ Trail:Directors Cut. The retro, quaint little zombie survival-oregon trail mashup that has won many a heart on Steam and Android alike. This game is chocked full of dark and oddly satisfying humor, with choose your own adventure style elements and tons of features that will have you wondering why you’ve never played this game before.organ3 In Organ Trail:Directors Cut, you’ll pack up and head west with four of your friends in an attempt to survive the zombie onslaught. As suggested by the geniuses behind this masterpiece, you can do things like name your party after your friends and watch them die slowly. You’ll love the quirky 16 color pixel art and just might feel a rush of nostalgia that takes you back.Organ2
As you travel westward, you just might encounter many dangers that threaten to stop you dead in your tracks or worse… undead. Make choices that may hinder the safety of your party, contract 9 different diseases including dysentery, manage your resources and fend off possible bandits, you might even have to off an infected party member or two all in this delightful tribute to retro gaming. organ5
Among the many features that will lead you on an uncertain yet hilariously grim path down the road to possible safety, Organ Trail:Directors Cut also offers 28 achievements, Survivor leaderboards and 400 COUNT EM’ 400 community written tombstones that show up upon your undoubtedly inevitable death. If you’re a fan of retro games, this needs to be on the list of games for you to play. Scratch that, this needs to be THE NEXT game you play. Relive those magical moments you had as a kid, just in a more sinister sort of way with Organ Trail:Directors Cut. You can pick the game up on Google Play now for the mere price of $2.99, and go on to enjoy many countless hours of fun.