Android KitKat Focus Feature: Printing

The use of documents and such from our mobile devices has become increasingly more efficient as the years have gone by. One thing that has remained a little below par though is printing something from your Android phone or tablet. Well, with Android 4.4 KitKat that is no more! Say begone to the woes of trying to print something without a problem on your android device. In KitKat, native printer support has been added with many locally connected printers able to talk to android devices over wifi, as well as utilize any printer in the Google Cloud Print account.

It seems like you will have more than just some sense of control over the print specifications, as you'll be able to modify margins, paper size, number of pages printed and where to send whatever it is your sending. This should prove to be a godsend to many people who use their android device daily for school, work or for business, as well as anyone who just generally needs to print stuff often and use their Android as the main device for most tasks. Opening the capabilities of our mobile life has always been Google's goal, and by coming closer to it like they have today, they've essentially also helped bridge a gap that has bothered many people which is whether or not they need to carry a second device to do all their document editing. For many, that choice is now a simple one, and we should start to see a rise in people using their phones and tablets to do most of their document related needs.

Along with making printing easier for users, Google has added new API's for printer manufacturers to make their job easier as well, allowing for them to build up their own products and services that can be handled from an Android device as a sort of control. All of this bodes well for developers who are working with the printer manufacturers too, as they won't have to change much code to update to these capabilities.

Printing made easy by Google so you can go about your day and focus on the things you need to get done. Just one more way Google is trying to help make your life easier with minimal stress and concern. No more wondering whether or not if that last four hours you spent typing up your research paper on your tablet was all for nothing. So it seems. Print on my friends. Print on.

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