Android How To: Tips to Improve the Battery Life of the Samsung Galaxy Note 3

October 23, 2013 - Written By Alexander Maxham

The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is full of features. Literally. I even did a 25-minute long video showing off about 30 tips and tricks for the Galaxy Note 3. Which wasn’t even the tip of the iceberg. But a lot of those features you may not use or ever need. So why not turn some of those off? Since they will be using some of your battery life. Well that’s what we talk about in the latest video I shot for the Android Headlines channel (hey, I teased on Google+ and Twitter that we’d be doing more with our YouTube channel and here ya go!).

The Galaxy Note 3 already gets pretty good battery life, you can definitely make it through an entire day. But why not get a little more out of it? We talk about the brightness, it’s a good idea to either use auto-brightness or go ahead and keep it pretty low. Generally indoors I keep mine pretty low, but when I am not indoors, I’ll use auto-brightness so that way I can see the display but it’s not using more power than needed. Also there’s the whole 4G LTE, WiFi and WiFi hotspot thing. If you’re not using WiFi, make sure to turn that off, same with WiFi hotspot. Especially the hotspot, that will definitely use a ton of battery.

Additionally it’s good to turn off features like Air command, Air View, etc. I don’t use many of those features besides Air Command and Smart Stay, so I have the rest of them turned off. Another good thing to do is to clear your RAM every once in a while. It’s a good idea to do it about once a day. Also using an app like clean master will automatically clear your RAM once you turn off your device, or at least put it to sleep. It’s a great app, which I’ll go into detail later on as to why it’s great and how to set it up. Check out the video below, and if you like it make sure to give it a thumbs up and subscribe so we can provide more!