Android Gamer Weekly 10/11/2013-Phonejoy Controller, Modern Combat 5, Dragon Quest, Clash Of Clans, And More

October 11, 2013 - Written By Justin Diaz

Phonejoy Gamepad Now Available For Pre-Order
Those of you still searching for the perfect gamepad for use with your android gaming, I have some good news for you. The highly anticipated phonejoy gamepad is now available for pre-order from their website. The damage? $69. Is that too much to ask for a controller to use with android games? Its steep that’s for sure. Not as much however as the bluetooth peripheral that steelseries (a longtime manufacturer of gaming accessories)was offering last year.phonejoy-android-game-controller-1 I personally use the NYKO playpad pro and love it. Which retails for $49. For twenty more bucks you can grab yourself a gamepad that holds your phone in the middle of all the buttons. The controller looks good and looks like it would be comfortable to hold. The questions that remain is how will it feel and respond and will it hold up to the price its being sold for? Hit the link here if you wish to pre-order the Phonejoy.

Modern Combat 5 Gets Delayed Till 2014modern-combat-5-android-game
It looks like fans of the popular FPS series Modern Combat from Gameloft will have to continue waiting for the next game in the franchise, Modern Combat 5, to release which will be sometime in 2014. The game was announced at E3 this year, and Gameloft was even nice enough to show it off a little with the games official teaser trailer. Which makes it just exciting enough to get us all sucked in. The news of the delay comes in the form of a tweet via the Gameloft twitter page, modern-combat-5-android-game 1stating that development is just taking longer than they expected. While not world ending news, it’s still a bit of a let down as most of us were probably hoping for this game to drop before the holidays. At least we can all watch the trailer and speculate about all the great new features.

Square Enix Announces Dragon Quest Franchise As The Next Game Series For Mobiledragon-quest-VIII-android-game
Square Enix is one of the better big name developers to start throwing big name titles onto Android. They have captivated many gamers in the last year or so with the addition of many AAA game titles, some of which are ports to popular franchises like the Final Fantasy series. An announcement from Square Enix recently states that Dragon Quest will be the next major franchise from them to hit mobile devices, with at least 8 of the games in mind.dragon-quest-android-games-1 They promised to focus more on mobile game development and its really starting to come full circle in that department. While there is no official word on if and when these games will come stateside, its still exciting to think that we could have the Dragon Quest series to play on our phones and tablets. Thanks to this video post from a Japanese game site Famitsu, there’s even a tasty little demo of some hands on gameplay from Dragon Quest VIII for mobile. Check it out below. looks pretty good for what’s probably still not final development stages, and I sincerely hope we see this release worldwide.

Its Time To Conquer With Clash Of Clans For AndroidCoC_logo_2013
PvP builder games are widely popular on mobile devices now. There are plenty of choices and one of the newest ones to join the genre is a massively popular hit from iOS. Clash of Clans will have you manage a settlement camp, and you must train troops, build up your camp, make money and prepare for war against other people playing the game. Its safe to say that from my own personal experience playing one of these types of games, you will want to heavily fortify your camp as much as you can. When people attack, they’re not only attacking to defeat you, but to pillage you of all your gold and make you feel like a peasant. Is that what you want? To be a peasant? No, I didn’t think so.clash So if you have what it takes to succeed in this strategy based PvP game, you’d best download the game and get going. Besides gathering resources and waging war against other real players, you’ll have missions to complete as well which help you gain some gold and resources to strengthen your settlement. The game is available for free now in the play store, and should you choose to speed up some of the processes to build and defend your camp, some IAP are more than likely available to you. Can you be the strongest empire in Clash of Clans?

Crazy Monkey Studios Releases Their CCG Empire Onto Androidempire-android-game
Empire is a game for all you fans of TCG and CCG and strategy games. This 4X card combat game mixes together three different genres; empire building, board game, and card combat. As you make your way through the games content, you’ll gather more cards to use in your deck for battle. Not all will be useful cards but will most certainly have their place somewhere. Empire offers procedurally generated worlds, giving the gamer a random game every time and ensuring that each game played is unique and original. empire-android-game-1If you’re not a fan of challenging strategy based games that require complex thought to make your next move, then Empire may not be for you. However, reviews state that many users are happy with the experience thus far and that game is accessible and easy to learn. If this would be your first campaign into a 4X type of game, perhaps it”l be the one to hook you in. If you want to give Empire a chance, you can pick it up in the play store now for $3.

Final Fantasy VI Rumored To Release By Winter;Final Fantasy VII Possible In The Not So Distant FutureFinal-Fantasy-VI-Android-Game
Final Fantasy fans are quite possibly some of the luckiest fans around when it comes to hoping for the game they so deeply cherish. Square Enix recently announced that they would be releasing Final Fantasy VI for both Android and iOS by this coming winter, which is extremely inviting news as this is hailed by many as their favorite in the early years of the franchise comprised of the old school style of jrpg. It also sounds as though this wont be just a regular port of the original title that was released in 1994, but with enhanced 2D graphics better suited for mobile devices (probably like the recently released Final Fantasy V) along with some changes like an updated battle system and the removal of level grinding to the extent of what we were used to from the original games. This statement may anger some or at the least make them unhappy of the changes, however it will please a lot of gamers as well, as the changes at hand should make the game easier to play for some and allow the gamer to really enjoy what the Final Fantasy series is really about;The story and content. On top of the announcement for the release of the next game in the FF series, when asked about the possibility of bringing FFVII to mobile, Takashi Tokita(the games director and producer)said that he would love to see Final Fantasy VII on mobile devices in the not so distant future. That is, provided that the Final Fantasy Legacy Project continues to be a success as it has been. Here’s hoping!