Android Game Of The Week: Strategy and Tactics: USSR VS USA

October 26, 2013 - Written By Justin Diaz

If you’re a die hard fan of strategy games and grew up playing Axis and Allies, this new add on game to the popular Strategy and Tactics WWII from Herocraft is worth checking out. This new game has two completely brand new campaigns with 17 missions in total for your tabletop game ever loving heart. usa1
In this add on game, the war is over and you’re playing through an alternate reality where a nuclear attack has hit Beijing. Face off against soviet forces to protect the ideals and government system of the United States. Just like in Strategy and Tactics WWII, you command your troops in a turn based style and both sides of the battle play out during each mission. As your turns are active, you can strategically attack certain enemy occupied countries and have your surrounding areas of allies either support or attack as well.
Herocraft does a lovely job at making this game fairly easy to learn with a tutorial mission in the beginning as soon as you boot up the game, its the mastery of learning when to attack and when to defend or move your troops that you will find a challenge though. It is a challenge that is welcomed with open arms as you should find completion of missions rewarding for having outsmarted the games all but boring AI. usa
Graphics are what you’d expect of a strategy game of this nature, nothing extremely high res or mind blowing but that doesn’t mean they are bad. The game actually looks quite nice and i found it’s user interface to be aesthetically pleasing. I am not one for strategy games like this one normally but I could be convinced to convert even with what little time i have so far spent playing. usa2
The battles of this new add on game take place in Mexico, Antarctica, Alaska and Canada, and the main idea behind the games story is wiping out the last remaining troops of the Third Reich from the South Pole. It boasts two alternate campaigns to the original Strategy and Tactics WWII, 3 maps in scenario mode and you’ll find that the skirmish mode has an endless replay value. Once you’re done with campaign, should you find it too easy that is, you can continue your crusade in the global online multiplayer. The original Strategy and Tactics WWII has a $4.99 pricetag because it has more content, but the USSR VS USA campaigns will only set you back about $3 and the original game is not needed to play this one. Two thumbs up to Herocraft for making me enjoy a strategy game.