Android Game Of The Week: Shadowrun Returns

October 4, 2013 - Written By Justin Diaz

In the world of Shadowrun Returns, you’ll face dangers unlike any other, but you can almost certainly bet death will be one of those dangers unless you adapt quickly. Shadowrun Returns is a cyberpunk themed, turn-based rpg revolving around magic, corporate espionage and ancient evils. Drugs have taken over, and many of the citizens of Seattle have turned to fending for themselves. You however, are a shadowrunner. Your part of an elite group of people with unique abilities that take on nye impossible jobs for money. The lot of you tend to stick together.Shadow1
As a shadowrunner, you’ll have the ability to choose one of the many different class types to play through the game, some of which include shamans, adepts, deckers, and street samurai just to name a few, all with unique skills that have advantages on the streets. Now remember, Shadowrun Returns is a turn based rpg with roots in the old school pen and paper tabletop game, so it has a bit of an imagination and a very healthy storyline with excellent depth. Once you have selected your character makeup, you’ll find Seattle as your new home throughout the game while you complete jobs and uncover the mystery that brought you there in the first place.shadow3
The battle system is set up quite nicely, and if you’re familiar with turn based rpg games then you’ll find this one right at home and rather easy to get to know. If this is your first turn based rpg experience, not to worry. Shadowrun Returns is easy to learn. Once you get the hang of how things work in battle, you’re next step is just to fine tune your characters to the way you like them. You’ll gain karma which is spent like skill points and basically will end up giving your character the skill sets he will have throughout the game. You can build with skills from any of the multiple class types, but you will be rooted in whatever main class you choose from the beginning during set up.shadow2
Shadowrun Returns also has a way of steering the game in a potentially different direction for each player(only slightly though) as many decisions you make within the game can change your outcome in various situations. For example, choosing a certain type of class might have more attributes than another that lean towards a strong social engineering skill, which could come in handy, say when… you need to BS your way past police to get something you need.


Just about everything within the game has an adverse effect from something you may have previously done, which makes things feel like the game is your very own story and different from anyone else who’s playing it. You can easily spend hours on end playing this without noticing how much time has blown by. That’s how good the game is. I know that the $9.99 price tag may seem a bit steep for some, (especially if you already bought the Steam copy that came out months ago like I did) but this is one of the best and most original RPG games i have played in a long time and is worth every penny.