Android Game News Weekly 10/18/13: Dead Effect, Humble Bundle With Android 7, Dungeon Keeper, Bad Piggies And More


Zombies In Space; Dead Effect From Bulkypix Now Available
By now there are so many zombie games floating around the play store I'm beginning to wonder if this is how the zombie apocalypse begins. One new zombie FPS in particular has caught our attention however, even if it does turn us into flesh eating mindless undead freaks. "Dead Effect" from Bulkypix, is a new Zombie FPS title that hit the play store this week. It seems to be a nice blend of multiple games, but reminds me mostly of the Dead Trigger series(Dead Trigger 2 drops in like a week by the way!), with a bit of Dead Space 3 and Mass Effect as well. The game is actually pretty damn awesome so far and starts you off in what looks to be your now abandoned spaceship.nexusae0_312 You aim to uncover the mystery behind what's happening, but quickly find out there's more to it than you could of imagined. The graphics are high res, and if you have a high end tablet or device you can crank them up for even better visuals. Controls are quite nice even for on screen, but hold the phone because there's controller support. If you want something to play this weekend, you can't go wrong with Dead Effect especially at the price of free.

Humble Bundle With Android 7 Arrives And Brings With It Tidings Of 6 New GamesHumble-Bundle-with-Android-7-pay-what-you-want-and-help-charity-
By now everyone who plays games should be familiar with Humble Bundle. They raise money for charity by bundling together games in one pack and allowing the gamer to pay whatever they like for them. The newest bundle with android compatibility has arrived and there are some great games in it. Starring in this bundle you'll find Ticket To Ride, Greed Corps., Incredipede, and Anodyne, but if you pay more than $6.15(that's the price as of the time of me writing this) you'll unlock two amazing games, Worms Reloaded and my personal favorite, The Bards Tale. All the games in this bundle are cross platform which means you can play them on Android, Mac, Windows, and Linux. So choose your preferred platform(which is android right?) and play away. You can find this great game bundle at the Humble Bundle website, and pay a small amount to help charity. Everyone wins!

Classic EA Game Dungeon Keeper Gets Soft Regional Launchnexusae0_dungeon_keeper_announcement
Dungeon Keeper is a classic tower defense/strategy game that EA decided needed a nice HD tablet friendly reboot and its started to make its way into the hands of happy android gamers. Before you rush to your device pushing over anyone in your path to the floor in the process, the game is only launching regionally at the moment but is making its way to other locations over time. As of now, its launched in Canada, Australia, and Singapore so if you're a lucky reader who lives in one of those places, nexusae0_43you can download the game. For most of us here in the U.S., if you live close enough you could always just drive up to the Canadian border, cross real quick and have lunch while you download the game and then come back. Of course you could always just wait till it launches in your area as well. There's no word from EA on how long it will take or when it will launch other places, but it is happening. Just very… slowly.


From Tusk Til Dawn; The Bad Piggies Prepare For HalloweenBad-Piggies-Halloween-update
Everyone's trying to get into the Halloween spirit, our four legged friends included. The Bad Piggies new update "Tusk Til Dawn" landed on the play store this week and is available for download now. The new update includes 30 new levels for your enjoyment with all sorts of Halloween themed stuff around the levels and a remixed song by major lazer to add to the mood of the beloved spooky holiday.Bad-Piggies-Halloween-update-1 If you already play Bad Piggies remember the update is live so you can update the game at any time, if this will be your first time playing, you'll get the update along with all the regular game content. Hit the link to download the game to get in the spirit.Google-Play-Banner-Get-it-On-Large1

Rabbids Big Bang Floats Into Play Store Orbit;Now Available For DownloadRabbids-Big-Bang
If you've been waiting on the hilariously endearing little rabbids to make their debut on Android than wait no longer. Rabbids Big Bang is here. Rabbids big bang is a physics based game where the rabbids float around in space and you must guide your little rabbid around with the tip of your finger while completing challenging and wacky missions of all different kinds. The rabbids seemed to be aimed at childish fun and offer anyone willing to let go of "boring old adulthood" for a little while plenty of enjoyment.nexusae0_Rabbids4 Fly your rabbids around space completing 150 different wild and fun missions, bounce on space duckies, customize your rabbis with crazy and cooky outfits and even fly your rabbid to the sun all across 10 zany galaxies. This fun filled escape from a crazy day will only cost you $0.99. If you're so inclined, the link to download is below.

PvP Takes On A Puzzling Role In Gamevils New Game Spirit Stonesspirit-stones-android-game
If you like puzzles, if you love RPG's, if you CRRAVE tcg titles, than you should probably take a tiny peek at gamevils new game Spirit Stones. Its a blend of all three types of games(leaning more towards puzzle and rpg though) with global PvP and swipe to match tiles to enter battle. You can join with groups of friends to enter what gamevil calls the Hellgate and take on many of the challenges that lie ahead of you.spirit-stones-android-game-1 As you play through the game you can collect cards of unique and powerful heroes to assemble the most powerful team possible and become unstoppable. You can level up and evolve your cards to make your heroes more powerful. It seems like there's lots of enjoyment here for anyone who loves any of these three types of games or genre blends. The game is free to play and will most certainly have some IAP's if you choose to utilize them. If this type of game is your thing, hit the link and start collecting!