Android App Updates 10/24/13: Google Play, YouTube, Emu Messenger and More


YouTube Updated to 5.2.27

Earlier this week, a new version of YouTube began rolling out. We have already posted the update and APK if you're interested. There's not a whole lot of new stuff here. Mostly just some under-the-hood changes which are primarily related to the upcoming offline download support for the app. There's no UI tweaks or new features that we were able to find.

Emu Messenger



This is a brand new messenger that just launched on the Play Store. Not like we don't already have enough messaging apps out there right? Especially with BBM launching earlier this week. This app offers built-in assistant, offering information and suggestions based on your conversations. This includes movies, restaurants, snapshots of your calendar and more. Share location live with Marco Polo and more.

Instapaper gets Design Refresh

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In addition to just getting a plain old update. Instapaper also got a relatively big design refresh. Along with adding Instarank for finding popular articles. The design refresh looks much better and is even a bit more holo. Adding in the action overflow button makes it an even better app than before, but I might still stick with Pocket for now.


Meme Generator gets Updated

Meme-Generator-Free-Icon Meme-Generator-Free-Icon

This week, one of my favorite apps for trolling people on the internets was updated. It's Meme Generator. Not a huge update, but still one worth noting. The app got a few new meme's added like Marriage Advice Grandad, Sumbag Cable Company, Ike Turner, So It Begins, Bad Advice Cat, Conspiracy Cat and a few others. They also made it so that all custom pictures you use will be listed in the "Custom memes" category. It's a pretty nice update in my opinion.

Themer Gets Updated



Today, the Themer app got updated and graduated from being a private beta app to now a public beta app. So you no longer need an invite code to jump on Themer, which is great to see. Hopefully we'll see some more themes added soon, instead of the handful that are available now.