AH Primetime: Ten Things to Expect on Google's Nexus Smartwatch


Smartwatches are here to stay, and from the momentum they are gathering, spurred on by the recent release of Samsung's Galaxy Gear, it looks like they will continue to gain ground in a big sort of way. Pebble has been selling a smartwatch since the beginning of the year, Sony has already released its second rendition, LG is rumored to be working on their own version, and Apple may deny they are interested in the smartwatch business, but filings in the US Patent office tell us an iWatch is in the near future.

Google Nexus watch


And why not? People love to accessorize these days with jewelry – the more the better, and just like smartphones, wrist watches seem to grow larger every year with more and more bells and whistles. Many customers buy multiple watches or removable colored bands to match their outfits and routinely change them to suite their mood or the occasion.  It is predicted that by 2018, consumers will spend over $6 billion in the wireless device industry!

Google Nexus watch 2

Google is already deep into their Glass project, a wearable head device, so we certainly know that a Google smartwatch cannot be far away – after all, Google always wants to play in the "Big Boy" games, especially when Apple is up to bat. Though nothing is confirmed, we thought it would a great idea to list the ten items we felt Google should include in its upcoming Google Watch or "Gem," which is its codename.


Google Watch Predictions/Desires/Expectations

  1. Since Google owns Motorola, we can assume that the watch may resemble the Motoactv and that Motorola will build the watch for its parent company – this would be a good thing.
  2. Again, because this is Google, which developed the Android OS, the Google Watch will run on a modified Android OS and work only with Android smartphones or tables.
  3. Google filed a Patent in May, which indicates there will be "pinch and zoom" capabilities, as well as scrolling within a limited space.
  4. The new Google Watch will work with Google Glass to complement one another – now we can have a Google/Android smartphone, headgear, and wrist gear, all at the same time.
  5. Features will include the ability to Facebook, do some gaming, shopping, and should include a compass and calculator – for a quick calculation, or to calculate a tip.
  6. Communication with the Google Watch will use Android 4.3's ability to use Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy technology.
  7. The device will contain Google Now, where you can press a button, ask it a question, and receive a response – never be lost again.
  8. Communication between the watch and phone or Glass, will use the Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy technology.
  9. This Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy technology will contribute to the watches longer battery life.
  10. The watch will be unveiled in conjunction with Android 4.4 KitKat and the new Nexus 5 smartphone on October 31.

Let us know in the comments or on Google+ if you will be sporting a smartwatch in the near future, or maybe you already are wearing one.  Do you think this is the future or or do we have some distance to go in development.  If any one company can make it work, I think Google can do it and I believe they will be doing it sooner, rather than later.