After Four Months In The Job HTC's Latest Head of Global PR Leaves the Company



It's no secret that HTC isn't doing well, and things haven't gotten much better for the company as 2013 draw to a close. While their flagship, the HTC One is apparently selling very well, other devices like the HTC One Mini and the recently just announced HTC One Max are struggling to get off the ground. The company just posted their first operating loss and four months ago they suffered an exodus of sorts. With high-ranking executives that helped build the company up to where it is now leaving for posts at competitors or similar companies.


One of those that left was Jason Gordon, head of Global PR. His replacement, Lorain Wong (as picture above) is now leaving the company, as Bloomberg is reporting. It's said that Wong has left due to "personal reasons" and that she will still be placed at the company in a consulting role for the next three months or so. It's likely that Wong left for the same reasons that others have been leaving the company for, a sinking ship scenario. However, this could also be a part of HTC's new campaign involving Robert Downey Jr. that promises to advertise the company's products as decidedly different from its competitors.

At a time when HTC is struggling to find its way in an incredibly competitive market, losing more staff like this isn't a good thing. On the other hand, this is nothing compared to the small exodus HTC suffered earlier on in the year. We certainly hope that this won't affect HTC's marketing and that they'll continue to tell the world just how good their products can be. After all, marketing has been one of HTC's biggest problem areas and there's a chance that if they don't get it right soon, we might not be seeing their devices on shelves alongside the likes of Samsung, Motorola and Apple.

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