Ads Starting to Show up in Gmail Promotion's Tab


Just as we had reported last week, with the latest Gmail v4.6 release, comes a host of new features, and one of those new features is the ability to place advertising in your Gmail account.  This should come as no surprise, since Google is in the advertising business and that is where they make 95-percent of their money.  Any place Google can sneak in advertising you can believe they will – same way with websites like ours, somebody has to pay for you to visit us for free and provide the funds to pay all of the bills involved in running a site, and at Android Headlines, we try to do it as unobtrusively as possible!

I just checked my Gmail app and so far I do not see any ads under my Promotion tab, but again, no surprise as Google normally does a rollout throughout the day, so we should all be seeing it soon.  It is also possible that Google is doing ads to select accounts to make sure everything is working properly, but you can be sure your turn is coming.


Gmail Ads version

Above is a shot, courtesy of Android World of the newest Gmail Version you should see when you go to "Gmail," "settings," and then "About."  This version rolled out on September 25, and really improved the look of Gmail and added new features, giving it that new unified "Google look" to help allow all Google's applications have the same look and feel about them all.  What started out as a free email account in 2004 has evolved into a sophisticated and polished application that now ties in to your Google account where one sign-in allows access to all of its applications.

Gmail Ads


Here is a screenshot, courtesy of Android Police that shows how an advertisement looks in Gmail – they have their own distinctive color and are clearly mark "advertisement," although the left clearly shows the Promotional area, but the right shot shows an ad with the regular emails, where you would have to swipe it away to rid yourself of it.

Let us know if you have started seeing the new Gmail ads on your device and hit us up in the comments or Google+.

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