Verizon's DroidLanding Hints at Upcoming Verizon Motorola Droid Tablet

verizon moto droid tablet 540x303

Motorola hasn’t had much success with tablets so far. In fact, the very first “real” Android tablet, the Motorola Xoom, wasn’t a great tablet cost $800 initially. Not only did it cost so much, but it also had a pretty terrible screen compared to the iPad at the time, had a half-baked operating system, and didn’t even launch with some of its major advertised features, such as LTE and the Flash player.

Suffice to say that Motorola failed with that tablet in more ways than one. They did try to launch a couple more tablets a year later, but those didn’t see much success either. Even though it appears to come under the Droid name, it seems Google and Motorola are going to try this again, hopefully with more success.

Verizon’s DroidLanding Twitter account (Verizon’s promotional arm for Droid devices) is teasing us with some hints of the upcoming Droid tablet, which should be manufactured by Motorola, which is now their exclusive partner for Droid products.


I’m not expecting this to be a huge deal, because well, it’s a Droid, and I don’t think the people, nor the tech media, are very fond of Droid products these days. They tend to be very bland devices, and Verizon’s marketing for them is usually awful. Carrier involvement in product design decisions is usually a very bad idea, as they tend to make those products worse or much worse, in general. Unfortunately, Motorola is not in a very good position right now to negotiate more heavily with them.

Motorola’s future is not the Droid brand. It’s the Moto X brand, and anything related to it. Google and Motorola will only keep improving and building on that line of products, until they become truly excellent. The first Moto X was a decent first try from Google, especially now that the camera has been greatly improved, and I expect next year’s version to be much better, and become appealing even to people who want the best specs in their flagship device.