Verizon Does the Unthinkable With the Galaxy Note 3 – No Branding on the Home Button

nexusae0 verizon note 3 thumb

Samsung announced the new Galaxy Note 3 today with Samsung’s usual fanfare, not unlike our Fourth of July celebration! There were no surprises; we already knew what it looked like and all of its specifications – a real surprise was that Verizon immediately put up an informational page, letting us know that the “The Next Big Thing is Coming.” Verizon is generally the last carrier to announce a phone and certainly the last to make it available to the public.

The other BIG news also concerns Verizon – You may have recalled when the Note 2 was released on Big Red (they did not carry the original Note) in November of last year, there was a slight uproar about the Verizon logo on the Note 2’s Home Button. Saying it was a slight uproar is like saying the Battle of Gettysburg was a small skirmish. The forums were a buzzing with curse words (some I had never heard of) and talk of even boycotting Verizon…how dare they brand the Home Button. Reading the postings you would have thought that Verizon took a big red magic marker (the permanent kind) and scribbled their name all over the front; I kid you not. Companies even came out with pop-on plain buttons to cover it up and mad scientists were hard at work on a formula to wipe the logo off the button. It was utter chaos, just ask anybody involved. Just look at the ugly thing below:


Android Headlines is here to make your day – There is NO logo on the Home Button of the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 being sold on Verizon and now equilibrium and order are once again restore in the universe! We would not tease you, just look at the picture below and you can see that Verizon has NO markings of any sort on the front of the Note 3, and this is the picture from their website. God only knows what we will find when we turn the phone over, but a case or new back will easily take care of that problem.

Galaxy Note 3 no logoThere it is, as virgin as the new fallen snow – I wasn’t bother a bit by the branding on the Note 2; I was just happy it was on the Home Button and not on the top of the phone. Verizon has not mentioned their launch date, but Samsung said it will have its major launch on September 25, and U.S. carriers should not be far behind. Are you picking up a Galaxy Note 3 and are you upgrading from a previous Note or another model altogether.

Update: Pre-orders for the Note 3 will go live September 6 at 9AM EST.