Verizon LG G2 Shows “Root Status” In The System Information Screen

September 13, 2013 - Written By Keith Myers

It is no secret that Verizon does not appreciate it when its customers use rooted devices on their network, in fact they are openly against it. Big Red is even known for using encrypted bootloaders on order to prevent users from tampering with their device and unlocking its full potential.


On the Verizon version of the LG G2 phone, there is now a system status option to show the devices root status. One of our staff members, who owns the AT&T variant of the LG G2 has confirmed that the menu does not show up on his phone which leads us to believe that this is exclusive to Verizon phones.

This indicator is likely designed to allow for Verizon representatives to easily determine if a device is rooted if you happen to drop by a store for support. It is also likely that this is an integral part of Verizon’s latest device support program that we mentioned yesterday and may be introduced on future phones.

There are several uncertainties about this option, mainly if this flag can be reset if a user chooses to revert back to a stock setup or is it similar to the tampering screens that are found on HTC/Samsung phones that attempt to permanently flag the device, even if unrooted. We are also wondering the method used to determine a device’s root status. In many cases these permanent flags are often defeated by some clever developers, there have been a few exceptions in the past. Furthermore is this transmitted to Big Red in any way.

The LG G2 has already been rooted on both AT&T and Verizon however we would advise Verizon users hold off on rooting their phone unless they understand this added risk. As always, if you do decide to root your new G2, we (Android Headlines) are not responsible for any damage caused to your device.

It is sad that Verizon is continuing to show its commitment to preventing their customers from truly harnessing the power of their phones and we hope this practice comes to a stop sooner than later.